Friday, September 16, 2011

REAL UNEDITED FFF DIVA MO: A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo.

Hi FFF Diva Fans and Followers! I know it's been ages. I always say things like that. I have been going thru a lot in my personal life, hence why I have been sparingly posting to this blog of mine. I want you to know MAJOR CHANGES are afoot. Below is the 1st entry of my new life blog: "The Girl Called Mo: True Story For Reals" on Why did I start a new blog? Well the 1st entry below says it all. Long story short I hired a weight loss life coach to get me thru my weight loss plateau and in the process I will be given LIFE ASSIGNMENTS. My first assignment? - START A NEW UNEDITED AND REAL BLOG ABOUT YOUR UNHAPPINESS AND CHALLENGES OF WEIGHT LOSS THEN TAG THE FOLKS YOU WANT TO READ IT ON YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK and let the magic work out itself. So for the next 6 months I WILL NOT BE POSTING to this blog page BUT I invite you to come along for my new journey thru my new blog See you in March 2012! =) All the love, FFF Diva Mo <3 ------------------------------------------- A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo. (1st blog entry in new blog) Let's be real: You are probably wondering why you were tagged to read this blog in the first place. You have been directed to read this blog because long story short: In 2011, you have helped me learn something more about myself as an individual and have made some significant impact on my life in the last year. Heavy right? It gets better. Keep reading... For the last year I have been extremely confused and unhappy about my life, my future, my everything especially in regards to my weight loss journey and career planning post MBA graduate school. Since May 2011 to August 2011, I basically regained 30 pounds, took on habits that were unlike me, and just got unfocused. I wanted you to know friends and family that I decided to seek professional help: I hired a weight loss coach. Yep, I brought in the big guns. Why?! Although I was successful to lose almost 100 lbs on my own, since 2008 I have stayed relatively around 250-ish pounds and have not made much progress since then--yes I know it's 3 years later. During the next 6 months my weight loss coach will give me life assignments to complete during this time of healing and self-discovery. There are times where you might get annoyed with me, support me, or quite possibly never talk to me again. And you know what--I am prepared for that. Basically my coach asked me to start a new blog to be truly transparent about myself, my unhappiness, and my real raw weight loss journey struggles and challenges. In other words: I am going thru a detoxification of my life as I currently know it. Life Assignments Due By Next Session: Life Assignment #1: Create a new blog that is completely honest about my current journey.Tag certain individuals who you want to specifically read this blog. Life Assignment #2: Go through ENTIRE Facebook friends list and ask "How does this person add value to my life?" If no value can be established, then delete the individual from my friend's list. Life Assignment #3: Turn off my iPhone completely for 30 minutes per day to make myself completely unavailable. Life Assignment #4: Meditate 10 minutes a day by myself in a quiet place. Life Assignment #5: Clean out entire clothing closet and donate ALL clothes that are either too big or too small for me. Start from scratch. Life Assignment #6: No alcohol. Period. Life Assignment #7: 3 times a day look into the mirror and say: "I am beautiful. I am worthy of living a healthy life. I am going to reach my weight loss goal." Deal of a lifetime: By November 11, 2011, if I follow everything that is asked of me and lose 35 lbs. or more my payment for each coaching session will be majorly discounted. Talk about a true incentive! <3 I am detoxing from everything, but myself. I ask nothing more than for your love and support. However, if this is a journey you don't understand or are uncomfortable with all I can say is this: "You can be in my tribe or walk away." Simple as that. I would love for you to stick around for the adventure, but if you can't I understand and good luck to you! Like I said: "A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo."
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