Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Walking Meetings: It's Not Just a West Wing Thing

Happy Election Day! #PantsuitNation #ImWithHer

In honor of #Election2016, I thought I would bring up a topic that has helped me avoid sedentary days at work: walking meetings. Believe it or not, it is not just an activity that was portrayed on one of my favorite political shows The West Wing. The New York Times and Huffington Post both agree that walking meetings are a wonderful strategy to engage with colleagues, create fresh ideas, and get walking steps to fit cardio into the work day.

#ProTip: Use tools like #FitBit for accountability!
I like to use fancy pedometers like FitBit to keep track of my steps. I have challenges with my husband Donald and other friend across the country. Oddly enough I feel so connected to them even though we may be hundreds of miles apart - yet I still want to out-step them! I am not competitive at all, unless it's against my husband, then by all means bring it on.

Start your day off on the right foot...with a walking meeting!
Walking meetings have been a quick solution for clarity. Whenever I am in a mind blank at work or even at home with my hubby I turn to the walking meeting method to help shift the energy in whatever I am fretting about. Surprisingly enough, there have been some pioneers in history who believed that walking meetings were just what the doctor ordered!

Walking meetings aren't a new thing.
Remember folks and friends: 30 minutes of walking a day is the best form of prevention! These health benefits include improved body composition (higher muscle-to-fat ratio) and decreased risk for metabolic syndrome (high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which together increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke) - just to name a few!

Insert #dropmic here.

Monday, November 7, 2016

MOtastic: Five Years Later

Hello FFF Diva Fans!

Five years has passed since my last blog post. Life has definitely changed greatly and I come back to the blogging world for one thing: MOtivation.

Today, I stepped on the scale and I weighed in at 300 lbs. I thought to myself: "WHAT HAPPENED?! What happened to the gal who got healthier and took back her life?" As I was trying to run through every scenario of whose fault it was, clarity kicked in: "Life happened Maureen. Now it's time to get re-motivated again. Keep moving forward."

I decided to go back to the beginning of my journey. In 2007, I weighed in at my heaviest at 324 lbs. Today in 2016, I realized I was only 24 lbs away from that number. I found this FFF Diva Blog and started reading its posts from the beginning. Did I have a different mindset in 2009? In 2011 I was starting to gain weight again but I was trying to get it under control. Or so I thought.

I repeat: Life happened. 

Key Highlights:
My health was no longer a priority. Other people, organizations, and things became a priority. However, somewhere along the way I forgot that I cannot help anyone or anybody else unless I put myself first.

It's my fault my husband got fat. 

Two years before my husband moved to California to start our new life together he lost 80 lbs. Now it is roughly 2.5 years later and he gained it back and then some. He says it's not my fault because I never force fed him, but I do know we are a strong source of enabling each other. Maybe it's my Catholic guilt talking, but still I feel horrible about it.

Now that I married all I can think about is my timeline for having kids.

I have to publicly thank my husband Donald. We were able to have a true heart to heart conversation about children. Yes babies are in our future, but we made a pact - we need to get healthier together first. 

If you made it this far down the blog post - thank you! I debated back and forth about blogging publicly again but I remembered what this community gifted me with: genuine accountability. I'm back and hope you can re-join me in my health journey in this new chapter in my life!

With love,
FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Mo is now #MoOnTheGo

Donald and Mo are proud Rotarians

Mo and Donald on their wedding day in Pittsburgh, PA: July 2016

FFF Diva Mo at 300 lbs. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

REAL UNEDITED FFF DIVA MO: A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo.

Hi FFF Diva Fans and Followers! I know it's been ages. I always say things like that. I have been going thru a lot in my personal life, hence why I have been sparingly posting to this blog of mine. I want you to know MAJOR CHANGES are afoot. Below is the 1st entry of my new life blog: "The Girl Called Mo: True Story For Reals" on http://motastictsfr.blogspot.com/. Why did I start a new blog? Well the 1st entry below says it all. Long story short I hired a weight loss life coach to get me thru my weight loss plateau and in the process I will be given LIFE ASSIGNMENTS. My first assignment? - START A NEW UNEDITED AND REAL BLOG ABOUT YOUR UNHAPPINESS AND CHALLENGES OF WEIGHT LOSS THEN TAG THE FOLKS YOU WANT TO READ IT ON YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK and let the magic work out itself. So for the next 6 months I WILL NOT BE POSTING to this blog page BUT I invite you to come along for my new journey thru my new blog http://motastictsfr.blogspot.com/. See you in March 2012! =) All the love, FFF Diva Mo <3 ------------------------------------------- A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo. (1st blog entry in new blog) Let's be real: You are probably wondering why you were tagged to read this blog in the first place. You have been directed to read this blog because long story short: In 2011, you have helped me learn something more about myself as an individual and have made some significant impact on my life in the last year. Heavy right? It gets better. Keep reading... For the last year I have been extremely confused and unhappy about my life, my future, my everything especially in regards to my weight loss journey and career planning post MBA graduate school. Since May 2011 to August 2011, I basically regained 30 pounds, took on habits that were unlike me, and just got unfocused. I wanted you to know friends and family that I decided to seek professional help: I hired a weight loss coach. Yep, I brought in the big guns. Why?! Although I was successful to lose almost 100 lbs on my own, since 2008 I have stayed relatively around 250-ish pounds and have not made much progress since then--yes I know it's 3 years later. During the next 6 months my weight loss coach will give me life assignments to complete during this time of healing and self-discovery. There are times where you might get annoyed with me, support me, or quite possibly never talk to me again. And you know what--I am prepared for that. Basically my coach asked me to start a new blog to be truly transparent about myself, my unhappiness, and my real raw weight loss journey struggles and challenges. In other words: I am going thru a detoxification of my life as I currently know it. Life Assignments Due By Next Session: Life Assignment #1: Create a new blog that is completely honest about my current journey.Tag certain individuals who you want to specifically read this blog. Life Assignment #2: Go through ENTIRE Facebook friends list and ask "How does this person add value to my life?" If no value can be established, then delete the individual from my friend's list. Life Assignment #3: Turn off my iPhone completely for 30 minutes per day to make myself completely unavailable. Life Assignment #4: Meditate 10 minutes a day by myself in a quiet place. Life Assignment #5: Clean out entire clothing closet and donate ALL clothes that are either too big or too small for me. Start from scratch. Life Assignment #6: No alcohol. Period. Life Assignment #7: 3 times a day look into the mirror and say: "I am beautiful. I am worthy of living a healthy life. I am going to reach my weight loss goal." Deal of a lifetime: By November 11, 2011, if I follow everything that is asked of me and lose 35 lbs. or more my payment for each coaching session will be majorly discounted. Talk about a true incentive! <3 I am detoxing from everything, but myself. I ask nothing more than for your love and support. However, if this is a journey you don't understand or are uncomfortable with all I can say is this: "You can be in my tribe or walk away." Simple as that. I would love for you to stick around for the adventure, but if you can't I understand and good luck to you! Like I said: "A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Mo."

Friday, July 22, 2011

FFF Diva Realization: Mental Vacation

Life Transitions: July 2011, photo courtesy of Cree Djork

Quote of the Day: "Love the body you have today, regardless of what you want it to look like."

It's been about two months since I updated this blog. I could go back and explain what I did the last two months, but I will just summarize it as this: I was finding myself through the course of a mental vacation. I seriously vegged out. I was still running, exercising, and skating but in reality I was a lost mess. I delved back into my habits of exercising but eating whatever I wanted. In all honesty I lost sight and track of the former disciplined Maureen. So during my two months off from blogging and other things I am happy to report that I am back and more motivated than ever to lose my last 50 lbs. to get back to my original college weight. Once that is achieved then I can address other things like toned muscles, etc. It's all about the low hanging fruit.

I just wanted to let you all know that this journey has had many ups and downs but I can finally see the light. (I know cheesy, but be patient with me, LOL)

I'll end on this note: Everyone needs a life reboot from time to time. A life reboot is an opportunity to make change for the better. Almost like wiping the slate clean. I've started my reboot. How about you?

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WLB4: Roller Derby Adventures and More

Welcome to the final and last week of WLB Season 4! Wow, it has been one heck of a seven week ride hasn't it folks?! I am happy to announce I made some stellar life long friends through this process and have learned a lot more about myself as well as how to stay motivated during a weight loss journey! My hope is that by keeping track with my journey the last 7 weeks kept you inspired to start your own healthier lifestyles too!

But DO NOT WORRY! I hope to come back to WLB as a guest blogger AND we can always keep in touch in various ways:

Maureen "Mo" De Nieva
Facebook: /MOtastic145
Personal Blog: www.MOtastic145.blogspot.com
Facebook Fan Page for Fierce Fat Filipina Divas: /FFFDivas
Facebook Fan Page for Dominican Radio Show: /TwithnickyP
Twitter: MOtastic
Email: maureen.apa.yli@gmail.com (I also g-chat too)

AND if YOU are living in the Bay Area in California we can always meet up and have coffee! I mean it! Or better yet a cool walk or a stellar hike! =)

New news and updates:

So unfortunately, because of unexpected expenses I couldn't afford to come back to Operation Boot Camp's June session. BUT DO NOT FRET for I will be back for our July camp! What's cool about my OBC family is that THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME. So, what will I do to keep me fit and accountable until OBC starts?

Two things:

1. I will be doing a hydrostatic water dunking weigh in to see how much fat % I need to drop. Healthy fat % for a woman is 22% body fat. Yeah, last time I checked I was around 42% give or take, pretty good considering the first time I took it 4 years ago and it was closer to 50% body fat! Yikes! Now you may ask: WHY? BODY FAT TESTING? Well it's a more accurate way to measure your journey versus weight on a scale. See, muscle weighs heavier than fat. So for me I like to measure my journey through metrics: 1) hydrostatic dunk 2) measure inches 3) weight on scale. This makes me feel MUCH MORE positive about the whole weight loss process.
For more information: http://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/underwater.htm

2. I signed up for beginner's girl's roller derby boot camp with the Silicon Valley Roller Girls! I just started a week ago. I haven't touched a pair of skates since I was 12 years old and I could barely skate in general. But yesterday at our second practice I was already skating laps and doing basic skating drills. Win status! Now that's progress! Here's to the next 10 weeks! Hopefully I can pass my minimum skating skills test in order to try out for the league, but first thing's first: DO NOT GET HURT MO. HAHA! For more information: http://svrollergirls.com/about.php

FFF Diva Mo on the start of her girl's roller derby journey

The Rules of Roller Derby

You can find the Official Rules at the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's website.

How to Play:

There are two teams on the track at once.
Each team can have no more than five skaters on the track at one time.
Each team is made up of one pivot, three blockers, and one jammer.
There might be fewer girls on the track at once, depending on if any girls are in the penalty box.


Pivot - Skates in the very front of the pack, controls pack speed and serves as a last line of defense against the opposing jammer. The Pivot has a solid stripe on their helmet cover.
Blocker - The blocker's job is to make sure the opposing jammer never gets past them. They work together with other blockers and her pivot to help her jammer through the pack while stopping the opposing jammer. They can help their girl out by whipping them through the pack. Blockers do not wear helmet covers
Jammer - The “money maker“. They score all the points. Jammers starts 30 feet behind the pack. They have to skate through the entire pack once and lap the pack before she can begin to score points. Every girl on the opposing team she passes is a point. That includes girls in the penalty box and girls on the floor. The Jammers have a large star on each side of their helmet cover.
Lead Jammer - The first jammer to get through the pack passing all skaters legally and in-bounds. The lead jammer can call off the jam anytime she wants after lead jammer status has been earned. Referees will signify lead jammer status with two rapid whistle blasts and by pointing at the jammer.

The Game:

A bout is 60 minutes broken into two 30 minute periods. Each period is composed of an unlimited number of jams which can last up to 2 minutes. After each jam, the teams have no more than 30 seconds to line up for the next jam. If a skater is not on the track when the whistle blows, her team must skate short.

One long whistle blast signals the beginning of a jam and for the pack to begin skating.
Two rapid whistle blasts are blown to signal the jammer start.
Four whistle blasts signal the end of the jam, which can happen because the two minutes have elapsed or because the lead jammer called off the jam.

Penalties to watch out for:

Pushing, shoving, punching, grabbing or holding
Hitting or jabbing with the elbows
Hitting from behind
Tripping, kicking, or blocking with skates or legs
Blocking or assisting a jammer while twenty feet ahead or behind the pack
Blocking or passing skaters out-of-bounds

For more check out this video of '09 highlights of SVRG:

Yeah, this is going to be an interesting summer, but hopefully after my time here at WLB4 you can still follow my journey at my personal blog:


Anyways, rounding out this week...how have all of you been?! Has the weather been beautiful or absolutely dreadful? Have you been able to sneak in workouts in between? Let me know, I'd love to know!

Dedicated to health,
FFF Diva Mo <3

WLB4: Coming Back From a Hiatus

Operation Boot Camp: "Always Earned, Never Given"

This coming Monday, May 23rd I will be coming back to Operation Boot Camp. For those who don't know, I lost the last 50 lbs by 1) competitively running 2) Operation Boot Camp. However, since my last semester of graduate school had a crazier schedule I actually had to take a break from camp. I haven't been at camp from March-May, however I have been back each month for Bring a Friend Day and Free Community Preview Day on Saturdays.

Operation Boot Camp Family: 5K Urban Scavenger Hunt, March 2011 (24th out of 180 teams)

How do I feel about coming back to 6am outdoor cardio Operation Boot Camp?

In one word: SCARED.

In five words: SCARED OUT OF MY MIND.



hi·a·tus   /haɪˈeɪtəs/ [hahy-ey-tuhs]
–noun, plural -tus·es, -tus.
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.
2. a missing part; gap or lacuna: Scholars attempted to account for the hiatus in the medieval manuscript.
3. any gap or opening.

Coming back from a hiatus is always hard. Although I have been sticking to my 1/2 marathon running schedule, going to the gym, and meeting with my trainer Jill 1-2 days a week IS NOTHING COMPARED TO EVERYDAY SESSIONS at OBC. This coming Monday is out PT test. We do two PT tests to gauge how you have improved by the end of the 30 days. A PT test consists of running 1 mile, 1 min push-ups, 1 min dips, and 1 min sit-ups. Lord bless me. I feel worried. I feel worried to be the slowest one at camp again. I feel worried that I am not going to be able to keep up. I worked so hard the last year to improve my running and endurance and I feel that I am back at square one.

So how am I going to combat the inner negative voices in my head? By telling myself this:

"Maureen you CANNOT compare yourself to other people. Your weight loss journey is just as significant and important as everyone else. The only person you should worry about it yourself and YOUR journey. Stay positive. Stay focused."

Have you ever felt down because you feel like you are going one step forward, but two steps back? How did you move forward and fight the negative thoughts in your head? I'd love to know.

Dedicated to health,
FFF Diva Mo

WLB4: It's a Lifestyle!

Hello WLB4 followers! I am back and ready for more! WHY?! I am an MBA graduate! Last Friday I walked in my commencement ceremony for my MBA degree at Dominican University of California!

GraDUation Day: Friday, May 14th, 2011

It was an amazing day. I am 26 years old with an MBA degree. What am I going to do now? Sleep. =)

In other news this weekend I did the 100th anniversay of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers with my OBC family! I dressed up as Dave from Alvin & the Chipmunks. Good times! It was a 12K (7-ish miles)race through the streets of San Francisco. Long story short: IT WAS A STREET PARTY!

Operation Boot Camp Family at Mile 7 of the SF Bay to Breakers

OBC family with free chocolate milk!

Last but not least my favorite news of the day! Today I received this email in my inbox:

Dear Athlete,

Congratulations! We’re pleased to announce that you have been selected to become a member of Team MARATHON® Bar. Your athletic accomplishments and individual interests were a perfect match for the sponsors’ goal of building a dedicated team of passionate runners who are committed to staying active. Your 2011 goals, past achievements, future motivations, and overall dedication to the sport and product best demonstrated this commitment. Please see below for important details to getting started with the sponsorship.

Team MARATHON® Bar Management

That's right folks: FFF Diva Mo is a SPONSORED running athlete! I seriously didn't think this would happen in a million years. I am still reeling from excitement and shock. I can't wait to sport my new Team MARATHON Bar jersey at my running races this year INCLUDING the Nike Women's Marathon in October AND the NIGHT TIME Las Vegas Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon in December! Let the training begin!

Speaking of training...how are all of you with your training endeavors? I know I have been MIA, but I am sure you all have inspirational moments in your journey. I have learned, especially in my last year of grad school that LIFE HAPPENS. This year alone I went from my 280s to 240s to 260s and back down to 250s. THIS YEAR ALONE. But did I stop moving forward regardless of my setbacks? NO. I KEPT MOVING FORWARD. Tomorrow is always a brand new day. Losing weight, living a healthier life, why it's a LIFESTYLE! I just need to stick with it and I will be rewarded not just with weight loss but a more happier and healthier life! I know you can too!

Dedicated to health,
FFF Diva Mo
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