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FFF Diva Article Research: "How to Track Your Weight Loss"

"How to Track Your Weight Loss"

By M. Nicole Nazzaro

Runner's World

Despite all the miles we log, races we run, and fudge brownies we forego, runners can still gain weight. When we decide to shed those extra pounds, we typically track our progress by stepping on the bathroom scale. But sometimes seeing our weight flash up at us day after day can be more of a hindrance than help—especially if those figures have barely budged.

On the bright side, runners like numbers (think of all those personal records, marathon pace charts, and meticulously timed interval workouts). And there are plenty of other stats out there that can give us a more complete picture of our overall health and help us lose weight. By tracking numbers that gauge changes in our fitness level, heart health, nutrition habits, and body measurements, you'll not only slim down, but also take your running to the next level. So forget about pounds for a while and kick-start your weight loss by following these numbers instead.

Set realistic resolutions and you can shed pounds for the long run.

Body Measurements
Keeping tabs on your body composition can help you assess your weight-loss and fitness progress in a way that the scale (which measures only pounds) can't duplicate. These numbers will help you focus on losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting leaner — the best indicators of improved health and fitness.

Body Fat
Many runners get frustrated when they step on the scale after weeks of exercising only to discover they're the same weight. What they're forgetting is that they very likely have gained muscle and lost body fat — arguably a more positive health change than losing pounds. You can use inexpensive calipers like those from AccuMeasure Fitness to track body-fat changes. Take the measurement about one inch above your right hip. The calipers come with a chart you can then use to find your body-fat percentage. Levels for fit athletes range from about five percent to 17 percent for men and 13 percent to 24 percent for women.

Tape Measurements
Taking your waist, hip, and thigh measurements on a weekly basis will help you quantify exactly how many inches you've lost. And a smaller waist is not only a marker of weight loss but also decreased cancer risk; the American Institute for Cancer Research notes that men are at a higher risk of cancer when their waist is 40 inches or larger; for women, the number is 35.

Belt Holes
Counting the extra belt holes you cinch up is an easy way to get daily feedback on your weight. "It was always a minor triumph when I realized my usual belt hole wasn't working anymore," says Jason Logue, a 36-year-old runner and attorney from Pittsburgh. In fact, many other runners interviewed for this article first noticed their progress when they had to pull their belts tighter — or buy a smaller one.

Holy Grail Pants
Take that old pair of jeans you wore when you were at your desired weight and try them on periodically. Once they fit, you'll know you're at a healthy weight. Shanti Sosienski, author of Women Who Run, followed a similar approach. The Idaho-based runner used clothing sizes to measure progress. She went from a size 14 to a size eight — and dropped 15 pounds along the way.

Looking to shed pounds? Follow this exclusive online runner's guide to weight loss.

Okay, this isn't exactly a measurement, but it is a sign your hard work is paying off. Logue didn't realize how much he'd lost until friends started to tease him. "They called me David Byrne, after the Talking Heads singer with baggy suits," he says with a laugh. He bought new suits, new belts — and inspired a few friends to shed their extra pounds.

Heart Health
Tracking numbers that assess your cardiovascular condition will give you a clear picture of your overall fitness. The stronger your heart, the harder you can exercise. And the harder you can exercise, the more calories you'll burn during your workouts. But there's another reason to monitor your heart health. As you become fitter, your body will build more muscle. A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat, so increasing your muscle mass allows you to burn more calories at rest. You can easily measure all of these numbers with a heart-rate monitor. In some cases, the rate at which the numbers change over time matters more than the actual figures.

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Once a week, take your pulse for one minute first thing in the morning the day after a rest day. Compare the number weekly. You'll start to see trends (for example, a slightly higher RHR may indicate you're dehydrated). If your resting heart rate gradually decreases over time, it means you're getting fitter.

One-Minute Heart Recovery Rate
Tracking how quickly your heart rebounds from a serious physical effort can help you benchmark your cardiovascular strength. Chris Crowley, coauthor of the Younger Next Year book series (written with Henry S. Lodge, M.D.), explains: "It's a common-sense correlation between your recovery rate and what kind of shape you're in." The faster your heart recovers, the fitter you are. To measure yours, warm up thoroughly, then run hard or do a hill repeat for one to two minutes. Stop and watch your heart rate monitor. As soon as your rate drops one beat, start timing. After 60 seconds, see how many beats per minute it has dropped. In general, a one-minute recovery rate in the 30s is good and 40s is great. The bigger the number, the fitter you are.

Lactate Threshold
This is the point at which your body can't clear lactic acid as quickly as it's being produced. In other words, it represents the highest aerobic effort that you can sustain for a prolonged period of time — and you can improve your lactate threshold if you train hard and smart. Dr. Lodge (of the Younger Next Year series) explains a way to test yours: "Pick a day when you haven't run hard for two or three days, warm up for 10 minutes, then run the hardest pace you can sustain for half an hour, ending as strong as you started." Your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of your run will roughly correspond to your lactate threshold. If you try the test a month later and can run it at a higher average heart rate, you've increased your lactate threshold — and your fitness.

When it comes to losing weight, exercise alone won't cut it. "You can eat your way through any level of exercise very easily," says Dr. Lodge. The key to losing weight and still running your best: Eat fewer calories than you burn, and consume high-quality, nutrient-rich foods. These numbers will help you do that.

Hunger Scale
Rating your appetite can help you reduce your calorie intake and lose weight by preventing overeating. In his book The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner explains that the Okinawans of Japan (who live very long lives) adopt the concept of hara hachi bu ("Eat until 80 percent full"). The hunger scale is similar: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is ravenous and 10 is stuffed, eat when you're at a 3 or 4, and stop when you reach a 6 or 7. Never get too hungry (or you'll eat more than you need) or too full (which means you may have consumed too many calories).

Follow these eight nutrition rules for healthy eating and shrink your waistline.

Servings of Fibruous Vegetables
Eating at least five to six one-cup servings of fiber-rich vegetables a day can really boost your weight-loss efforts. How? They're less energy-dense than most other foods. That makes them a good choice if you're trying to eat fewer calories. Fiber also makes you feel full and more satisfied. So by eating lots of high-fiber veggies, you can reduce your total intake without feeling hungry. Leafy greens (like spinach and kale) are especially low in calories and rich in fiber.

Servings of the "Not So Healthy Stuff"
The number to aim for here: as few as possible. Refined grains, products with added sugar, fast food, sodas, and processed foods tend to be high in calories but provide very little nutrition. The more you can cut back, the easier it will be to trim your total calorie intake and lose weight. The key is to not feel like you're depriving yourself; start by substituting a healthier option (a half-ounce of dark chocolate instead of a bowl of ice cream) and reduce how frequently you indulge (from three cans of soda to one).

Running Performance
As you exercise harder and become faster, you burn more calories. If you also watch what you eat, burning all those calories will lead to weight loss. John Colver, a fitness coach in Seattle, gives his clients "milestone" workouts each month to test how their running is improving, and notes that the workouts themselves often lead to weight loss. "Speedwork in particular has the added benefit of increasing an athlete's metabolic rate, which increases the rate of weight loss," he says.

One-Mile time Trial
Once a month Colver's athletes run a mile on a marked track. "It's a surefire way to see accomplishment over time," he says. You can do a time trial on any course you regularly run — for example, a loop around a lake or a point-to-point running trail.

Treadmill Test
Daniel Forman, M.D., director of the exercise testing laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, suggests wearing a heart-rate monitor while doing the exact same treadmill workout every few weeks. For example, run at a five percent incline at 6.5 miles per hour for 10 minutes, and record your average heart rate. Do the same test every month and compare the results; as your fitness improves, your average heart-rate for the same exercise will decrease.

Race Times
Research shows that healthy runners can expect to race about two seconds per mile faster for every pound they lose. Jason Logue started tracking both his race times and his weight loss in 2006. He got fitter, faster — and lost weight, too. His performances in Pittsburgh's Great Race 10-K speak for themselves: In 2006, he ran 53:57; in 2007, 52:26; and in 2008, after losing 60 pounds, he ran a far speedier 49:26.
Increasing how long you can run will help you burn more calories and boost weight loss. Jared Reeder, a creative director in Atlanta, built up his endurance by counting the minutes he could run before he was out of breath. When the then-overweight Reeder first started, he could only go three minutes, but slowly built up to 20. Now he's run four marathons — and is 55 pounds lighter.

Bad Math
Some numbers won't help you lose weight. Don't bother focusing on these three figures

Body Fat Measured on Scales
Your hydration level and even the room temperature can affect the accuracy of these devices. Calipers or even the "Holy Grail Pants" test will give you a solid idea of your progress for less money and fewer headaches.

Your Max Heart Rate Compared to Anyone Else's
It doesn't matter if your max is 180 and your buddy's is 200. Everyone is different.Your max is determined mostly by age and genetics — not by how hard you train.

Body Mass Index
Healthy BMI ranges are quite large (a 5'4" woman could weigh anywhere from108 to 145 pounds and still be in an "acceptable" range), so it's only useful if you're significantly over- or underweight. And the formula doesn't hold up with very muscular athletes. A 5'10" 209-pound man, for example, with just10 percent body fat is actually considered overweight by BMI standards.

Running the Numbers
3: Ounces of whole grains you should eat every day. That's equivalent to about one cup of high-fiber cereal, one slice of wholegrain bread, and half a cup of brown rice.

5 to 6: Servings of meat, beans, and nuts you need daily for the right amount of protein. Many runners mistakenly assume they need more. Mix up your carbs and add nutrients to your diet with these tasty pasta alternatives.

25 to 35: Grams of fiber you should eat every day. Get it from legumes (a cup of lentils has 16grams), vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

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FFF Diva Advice: "How to Detox from Sugar" by Dr. Oz

The following video is from my good friend Marcelle from "Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle." Thanks for sharing it Marcelle! <3 FFF Diva Mo

"How to Detox from Sugar" by Dr. Oz

FFF Diva Motivation: A Motivational Speech from the Movie" Rocky"

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 27

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 26: Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

My DailyMile Status:
"I was happy there was no rain at boot camp today! We did "Trick Wire" where you jump rope for certain intervals, then run, then do either side shuffles or mission impossibles, then more running, then ab work, then jump rope, AND repeat! Did I mention no stopping or we started again? I love camp."

Today was great because there was no rain, but it had rained earlier in the morning so the ground was wet. We usually do jump rope activities in the parking lot because it's easier to jump.

Best MO-ment today at boot camp:
We were running around the parking lot island and one of the instructors was running backwards in front of me challenging me to sprint faster towards him. As I was sprinting faster the distance gap between us was closing and I touched his chest and ran back to our jump ropes on the ground. It was definitely a grrrrrreat MO-ment to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Dedicated to health,
<3 FFF Diva Mo

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 26

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 26: Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

My DailyMile Status:
"For every mile you run, it's more time added onto your life." With that being said, I was right: today we ran our 4 mile run. Great job campers toughing out the dark, cold, & drizzly morning! Tomorrow is bring a friend day! If you are interested message me. Hope to see you there!

The day before at boot camp...
Lakshmi: "When do you think our monthly 4 mile run is this week?"
Mo: "Well let's use deductive reasoning, shall we? Greg usually leads Mondays so it can't be Mondays. Since camp is over today it wasn't today. Friday is PT test. Thursday is Foam Rolling tutorial. So it's either tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday."
Lakshmi: "I think it will be Wednesday!"
Mo: "Ah, ah, ah. Remember Wednesday is Bring A Friend Day & I am sure we wouldn't just run. So it HAS to be tomorrow--Tuesday!"
Lakshmi: "Totally makes sense. We'll see tomorrow!"

So of course today at camp we were greeted with the news that it WAS the 4 mile fun ruuuuuuun. Our response: "Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh." Haha.

Question to FFF Diva Blog readers:
Do you like running? If so do you prefer indoor or outdoor running?

Looking forward to your answers,
<3 FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 25

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 25: Monday, January 25th, 2010

I was welcomed back to 6am boot camp by running suicides in the rain not only in the parking lot, but also on the grassy muddy hill. Not to mention the squats, jumping jacks, plank, & mountain climbers as a bonus. We did it!

A Boot Camp Conversation:
Mo: "Since when did we run suicides up a hill?"
Alex: "We always ran suicides. They just called it a different name so it wouldn't scare us off."
Mo: "Different name? Like what? 'Running really fast in short sprints back & forth between cones' is a name that definitely doesn't work for me!"

A Boot Camp Motivational Moment:
Mo: "Lakshmi you made it! You are only 10 minutes late! Great job finding us at the other side of the park & in the dark no less! What made you come?!"
Lakshmi: "You. I saw your status on Facebook that you ran a total of about 70 miles since January 1st! I only came in the rain, because I was motivated by your running. I am proud of you Mo. Thanks to you I am here today this morning suffering along side you."
Mo: "Haha. Suffering."
Lakshmi: "That's right. Suffering."

A Funny Office Moment:
Office Team: "Alright what is our 1 high and 1 low of the week?"
Mo: "I calculated my running mileage since January 1st. I have run about 70 miles so far! This past week I ran about 25 miles!"
Office Team: "Whoa"
--later that day--
Office Team: "We have decided to instill office health goals that we will hold each other accountable on!"
Mo: "How did this come about?"
Office Teammate: "Well because your exercise is putting us to shame. You know I have a brand new car that doesn't have even 70 miles on it. You have run more miles than my new car!"

Committed to rocking it out the healthy way,
<3 FFF Diva Mo

Monday, January 25, 2010

FFF Diva Reflection: My Answers

Become aware of your eating patterns: A Personal Intake Survey

Do you eat breakfast daily
Yes I do! : )

Do you eat within two to three hours of bedtime

How long do you go between meals
Usually 2-3 hours, however there have been stressful/busy days where I can go 4-5 hours without eating.

Do you eat foods simply out of habit

Do you crave junk foods at a certain time of day
No, more like during a stressful moment or situation for comfort.

Do you feel that specific foods to hand in hand with certain events, such as movies or ball games
Yes. Movies: popcorn. Baseball games: garlic fries. Friend birthdays: beer, wine, or celebratory shot of alcohol.

Are you an emotional eater

Do you eat out of boredom

Does food provide you comfort when you're upset or stressed - out

Do you feel tired a lot, especially by two or three in the afternoon

Do you have a bowl movement daily ( without laxatives )

Do you take heartburn medication

Do you feel bloated by the evening

Do you experience PMS

Does alcohol make the good times better and the bad times better
Depending on the situation and environment I am drinking in.

Now, think back to your childhood or teens and look at your family. See if your choices now simply continue those patterns and support those beliefs.

Was dinner a celebration, time to come together each night where you bonded with your family and ate healthy meals.
Yes, but we DID NOT eat healthy meals.

Was it first come first served, and you could eat whatever you wanted

What was the emotional atmosphere like in your home as a young child

How did your parents support themselves when they were upset or stressed out? How did they comfort you and how did you comfort yourself.
Hugs and a either take-out food or a nice sit-down dinner in a restaurant.

Was fast food a staple in your diet

Did holidays and family reunions center around eating
YESSSSSS (we are Filipino!)

Did you learn poor eating habits from your mom or dad

Did your parents exercise - where they in good shape
No. They both have Diabetes

What do you remember being told about your body
You won't get a husband without having a skinny body.

Did you eat out of boredom

When did you begin to struggle with your weight and body image
My first year in college. At age 18 I finally hit over 200 lbs.

Did you have a rough childhood or teenage life.

Do you eat when you really need sleep
Yes---I commute a lot.

Is it hard to stay on track at night when you're tired and physically drained

Do you binge when you're on your period, or midmonth when you're ovulating

Do you feel a lack of self - restraint when faced with a decadent meal

Are you a *all or nothing * kind of person - that is, strict on your diet, then after a night of too much food or alcohol, you give it up completely

If you love the taste of something, do you continue eating even after you're full

How do you feel an hour after eating too much or when you've gone too long without eating

Do you listen to your bodies true desires
Not always.

Do you know how much food you need to feel full
Not really.

Friday, January 22, 2010

FFF Diva Song of the Day by Dumbfoundead "Jam Session 2.0"

"Jam Session 2.0" by Dumbfoundead

Sometimes in life you just need to take a break and realize how wonderful the world truly is. : )

<3 FFF Diva Mo

P.S. This jam is now on my iPOD to listen to while I am at the gym! If you liked it you can download the song here:

About the Group & Song:
Brian at CAIN MOSNI thought of a cool concept and coordinated a virtual "jam session" with musicians from all over the world! It's AMAZING what you can do nowadays!



A kid at the pawn shop just bought his first drum machine,
From the slums, but them buttons will take him to another kingdom
A woman humming in a kitchen in brazil, while 50 tenants listen by
sticking there heads outside the window sill, this shit is real, hear
the sounds across the land, no name brands, woman and man jam on pots
and pans, a musician with lost dreams, sitting on concrete, playing
his heart out on missing guitar strings, street performers for a
quarter put on the show of there life, an emcee gets put on the spot
rocks it and tears up the mic, the human instrument, reaching
continents in long distances, no need for sophisticated systems for us
to listen in, countries at war, expressing hate through there
aggression. while two musicians on each side are having a jam session,
whether both em know it or not, they are collaborating. You never know
which way your music is navigating,


Sing your heart out let your soul be heard
Move to the rhythm to the groove of the drum beats
Chill to the lines disappear to the moment
Fly away persuade all the madness
Just bounce just sway just listen

Herbal T

La música es un sonido supersónico
y es por eso que no creo lo que leo en el periódico
presenta un mundo dividido y tóxico
pero ahora por los cables fiberópticos
yo me comunico, así el mundo se pone chico
si no me entiendes yo te lo explico
whether you in the Bronx and you like to spit bars and rock clubs
or Mumbai playin sitars and tablas
the music is a way we escape, heal and grow
and you aint gotta speak the language if you wanna feel the flow
olha só rapaz, a gente vai a gente vem
mas o ritmo é coisa todo mundo sempre tem
tudo bem, faço música com colaboradores globais
utilizando piano voces tambores e mais
es un laso que nos une hasta el infinito
the rhythms in us it travels wherever we go


Just let the music take you let your mind take you
Way to find a way to need a way to a brighter day
Don't let it stop in you don't let it die in you
Breath just breath
Just fly away persuade all the madness
Just bounce just sway just listen


Across the seas I hear piano keys playin, translating languages
through the rhythms in beats bangin, a universal exchange, of personal
pains and joys, it started with a verse, each person just came and
joined in, some are complete strangers, some only teenagers, all of us
creators, , we are the dreammakers, internationally transmittin
through bandwidth, passin this bands passion so the masses can jam
with us, all are invited to play, none are required to pay, let the
virus spread, inspire heads, go pirate away, this is that free music,
for people who need music, just listen and breathe to it, I hope that
you feel movement, different souls around globe, connected through
sound makin, they set the foundation now we take it to groundbreakin,
everybody played there part and now we have one song, and this is how
an unheard voice becomes strong

Sing your heart out let your soul be heard
Move to the rhythm to the groove of the drum beats
Chill to the lines disappear to the moment
Fly away persuade all the madness
Just bounce just sway just listen


released 19 January 2010
Emcee: Dumbfoundead

Singer: Esna Yoon

Emcee: Herbal T (Portugese/Spanish/English)

MPC (Drum Machine): CAV3

Guitar: Tio

Scratches: DJ Zo

Piano: Lukas (YoungPianoTV)

Bass: Chris Hong

Mixed Down by: Tio

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FFF Diva Secret Inspirations

Some secret inspirations my fellow FFF Diva & sister Leilani found to help motivate us. And yes, it does start at #18. : )

18.When we are feeling happy on the inside, law of attraction is matching up the inside of us, and bringing unlimited happiness to us. Law of attraction says, “Like attracts like”. We have to be the exact state on the inside of what we want to bring on the outside. You can’t complain and be miserable and expect your life to change. In that state you are attracting more misery to yourself. You have to be the ‘like’ that you want to attract.

19.To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.

20.Focus on the beauty of our world, and on how magnificent it is. As more and more people appreciate the beauty and focus on the beauty, our planet will receive that energy and we will see the beauty manifesting everywhere.

21.After you ask for what you want, if you think that You have to make it happen, you will experience feelings of doubt. Those feelings of doubt are telling you the ‘how’ is not your job. Your job is to feel your dream inside. Then the Universe will move people, circumstances, and events to bring about your dream. You have the intelligence of the Universe permeated in every cell of your body. The activation of this almighty power of all good comes through your awareness of it. The moment you are aware that it is within you, you have consciously activated the greatest power in the Universe to work through you.

22.You are now receiving the knowledge that will enable you to create the most magnificent version of You. The possibility of that version of you already exists on the frequency of “the most magnificent version of You.” Decide what you want to be, do and have, think the thoughts of it, emit the frequency, and your vision will become your life.

23.There is a mighty power in your heart. To experience this power firsthand, the next time you are in a conversation with somebody, imagine that your words are coming from your heart, rather than your mind. While speaking, stay focused on your words coming from your heart. As you do this you will feel a wave of utter bliss move through you. As you become practiced, you will see the effect of your heart on the person you are speaking with. The power of your heart will also reach many others, as nothing can get in the way of its powerful radiation.

24.You can create anything you want, but to do that you must follow the principles of the law. Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for. If you are not receiving what you are asking for, it is not the law that has failed. It means that your doubt is greater than your faith.

25.As money comes to you, it must flow through you like the flow of a river, or the flow of money will stop. Be the flow!

26.Competition is a form of separation. First, when you have thoughts of competition, it is coming from a lack mentality, as you are saying there is a limited supply. You are saying there is not enough for everybody, so we have to compete and fight to get things. By the law of attraction, as you compete you will attract many people, circumstances, and events to compete against You in every single aspect of your life. For your own wellbeing, you have to get competition out of your mind and become a creative mind. Focus only on your dreams, your visions and being the best that You can be!

27.How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you. When you are trying to work out how it will happen, you are emitting a frequency that contains a lack of faith – that you don’t believe you have it already. You think you have to do it and you do not believe the Universe will do it for you. The how is not your part in the Creative Process.

28.Most people feel powerless to help others, when in fact every single human being has a power within them that, when directed properly, will help beyond anything else. You can direct this power by focusing on people in difficult situations being in joy, by imagining them in joy right now. Hold to the outcome of joy for them. By doing this, you will cause the unfathomable Creative Power to move through you to bring them joy.

29.Failure only comes from a person not applying the law correctly. The law never fails.

30.Every single human being is meant to be in joy. It is our natural state, and we know it, because when we feel negative emotions we feel terrible. We want to be happy. And the biggest thing to realize is that happiness is a choice, because it is a feeling generated from the inside of us. We have to make a decision to be happy on the inside now, to magnetize a life of happiness on the outside.

31.There is not a single instance in history where hate has brought joy to human beings. It is a negative force that serves only to destroy those who hold it in their mind and body. If the majority of humanity released all hate, fear, and resentment, wars would disappear from our planet.

32.To restore harmony into a relationship, focus on what you appreciate about the other person, and not your complaints. When you focus on the wonderful things and you appreciate those, you will be astounded at how many more things to appreciate suddenly appear in the other person.

33.Disease is held in the body by thought, by observation of the illness, and by the attention given to the illness. If you are feeling a little unwell, don’t talk about it – unless you want more of it. If you listen to people talk about their illness, you add energy to their illness. Instead, change the conversation to good things, and give powerful thoughts to seeing those people in health.

34.All stress begins with one negative thought. One thought that went unchecked, and then more thoughts came and more, until stress manifested. The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking, and it all began with one little negative thought. No matter what you might have manifested, you can change it … with one small positive thought and then another.

35.The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts. Every negative thought, feeling or emotion is blocking your good from coming to you, and that includes money. It is not that the money is being kept from you by the Universe, because all the money you require exists right now in the invisible. If you do not have enough, it is because you are stopping the flow of money coming to you, and you are doing that with your thoughts. You must tip the balance of your thoughts from lack-of-money to more-than-enough-money. Think more thoughts of abundance than of lack, and you have tipped the balance.

36.If you are complaining, the law of attraction will powerfully bring into your life more situations for you to complain about. If you are listening to someone else complain and focusing on that, sympathizing with them, agreeing with them, in that moment, you are attracting more complaining situations to yourself!

37.Think thoughts of perfection. Illness cannot exist in a body that has harmonious thoughts. Know there is only perfection, and as you observe perfection you must summon that to you. Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all humanity’s ills, including disease, poverty, and unhappiness. When we think negative thoughts we are cutting ourselves off from our rightful heritage. Declare and intend, “I think perfect thoughts. I see only perfection. I am perfection.”

38.Wherever you go, whoever you meet, and whatever you do, give love and appreciation, because that is your true nature. How do you know it is your true nature? You feel so good when you are giving it!

39.Do you think you can? You can achieve and do anything you want with this knowledge. In the past you may have underestimated how brilliant you are. Well, now you know you are the Supreme Mind and that you can draw anything you want from that One Supreme Mind. Any invention, any inspiration, any answer, anything. You can do anything you want. You are a genius beyond description. So start telling yourself that and become aware of who you really are.

40.Whatever you choose for You is right! You cannot get it wrong. If you have chosen something for You, it is right! You cannot fail. It is impossible for you to fail, because how can you fail at being You? You are the perfection of You, because nobody else can be You. You have got You down pat! Do you appreciate that you are an outstanding and total success at being You, right where you are now?

41.If you have ‘needing money’ in your vibration, then you will keep attracting ‘needing money’. You have to find a way of being happy NOW, feeling good NOW, and being in joy NOW, without the money. Once you can feel good NOW, even though you don't have the money, it will come. Make a decision that you are going to do everything you can to be as happy as you can in every moment. You will be amazed at how the Universe will flood so many things into your life that will continue to make you happy - including money.

42.I am asked very often by all types of people how to stop negative thoughts. The answer is so simple: plant good thoughts! As you plant more and more good thoughts, the negative thoughts will be wiped out. Don’t focus on the negative thoughts, just deliberately think more good thoughts every day.

43.The Universe wants to give you so much, if you could just let it in. To let it in, slow down. To let it in, relax. To let it in, unwind. To let it in, be calm. To let it in, let go. You are now letting it in.

44.Praise and bless everything in the world, and you will dissolve negativity and discord and align yourself with the highest frequency – love.

45.You do not have to erase negative thoughts you have had. All you have to do is feel good and think good thoughts right now, and you will shift yourself to a completely different frequency where no negativity exists. No matter what you have thought in the past, whether ten years ago or one minute ago, NOW is where all your power is. Right NOW you can use your power and shift yourself. When you know this, you can move through your life without fear or regrets, because you can always think good thoughts NOW.

46.So what are you feeling now? Take a few moments to think about how you feel. If you’re not feeling as good as you’d like to, focus on feeling your feelings inside and purposefully lift them. As you focus intensely on your feelings, with the intention to lift yourself, you can powerfully elevate them. One way is to close your eyes (shutting out distractions). Focus on your feelings inside, and smile for one minute.

47.Remind your children constantly, through your words, that they are unlimited – that they can have anything, do anything, and be anything they want. Remind them to speak of what they want and to focus on that. When they say they don’t want something, ask them what they do want. Always bring them back to what they want. Embrace each of your children as the unique being that they are, and rejoice in their freedom to express themselves. Allow them to learn their own lessons, and know within yourself that everything is unfolding for them perfectly.

48.The earth turns on its orbit for you. The oceans ebb and flow for you. The birds sing for you. The sun rises and it sets for you. The stars come out for you. Every beautiful thing you see, every wondrous thing you experience, is all there, for you. Take a look around. None of it can exist, without you. No matter who you thought you were, now you know the Truth of Who You Really Are. You are the master of the Universe. You are the heir to the kingdom. You are the perfection of Life. And now you know The Secret. May the joy be with you.

49.Human beings are made up of two things; their beliefs and the truth. When you let go of your beliefs, you will see more of the truth. The greatest human beings who have ever lived, had the courage to let go of beliefs, and they became the truth. They showed us the way.

50.The truth is that the Universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are aware. Be aware of everything around you, because you are receiving the answers to your questions in every moment of the day. The channels those answers can come through are unlimited. They could be delivered in the form of a newspaper headline that attracts your attention, or overhearing someone speaking, or a song on the radio, or signage on a truck passing by, or receiving a sudden inspiration. Remember to remember, and become aware.

51.Action is a word that can imply “work” to some people, but inspired action will not feel like work at all. The difference between inspired action and action is this: Inspired action is where you are acting to receive. If you are in action to try and make it happen, you have slipped backward. Inspired action is effortless, and it feels wonderful because you are on the frequency of receiving.

52.The only way we can feel love is through our heart, and so the most powerful way to maximize our positive feelings is also through our heart. As we deliberately intensify our feelings through our heart, we are connecting ourselves to the Supreme Love, Power, and Wisdom that is the Universe. The Universe is continually making everything we want available to us, and our heart tunes us into the frequency of it all.

53.It is the joy within that creates a magnificent life on the outside. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, or what is happening around you, you take the joy with you.

54.Can you consider for just a moment that there are wonderful things ahead for you? Can you put total trust and faith in the Universe and know you are so loved and that everything that happens is all happening FOR you? Because that is absolutely the case.

55.You can turn waiting into a powerful time to create your future life. Next time you are in a situation where you are waiting, seize that time and imagine having all the things you want. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Turn every life situation into a positive one.

56.The easiest way to transform every aspect of your life on the outside is to dedicate yourself to feeling more and more gratitude every day within you. Whenever you think of it, feel deep feelings of gratitude. Intensify the feelings with the love in your heart, and through the law of attraction your life will be transformed into the beauty that you have become on the inside.

57.If some situation occurs that affects your state of joy, repeat to yourself, “All good is coming from this situation.” And it will. Learn from each experience. You will find after experiencing a challenging situation, your level of joy will be higher than it has ever been before. Isn’t that a good thing?

58.There is not a single instance in history where hate has brought joy to human beings. It is a negative force that serves only to destroy those who hold it in their mind and body. If the majority of humanity released all hate, fear, and resentment, wars would disappear from our planet.

59.We are each creating our lives through our thoughts and feelings, and so you cannot hold yourself responsible for someone else’s happiness. It is impossible for you to be responsible for anybody else, because you cannot jump inside someone else and think and feel for them Focus on your joy, and be an inspiration to everyone around you.

60.When you are in complete harmony with the Universe, which is all good, then you have tapped into the greatest power there is to support you. To harmonize yourself with the Universe and allow all good to flood into your life, speak good words, plant good thoughts, and generate good feelings.

61.To become more aware of your thoughts you can set the intention “I am the master of my thoughts.” Say it often, give thanks for it being done, and as you hold to it emphatically, by the law of attraction you must become that.

62.We are not able to see the bigger picture of our lives, but the Universe or the Creative Power can see it all. Sometimes we think that something is right for us, but when it doesn’t unfold the way we thought, have faith in the Universe that it is matching up all of our inner desires and marrying them into every aspect of our lives.

63.Unless you fill yourself up first, you have nothing to give anybody. Therefore it is imperative that you tend to you first. Attend to your joy first. People are responsible for their own joy. When you tend to your joy and do what makes you feel good, you are a joy to be around and you are a shining example to every child and every person in your life. When you are feeling joy you don’t even have to think about giving. It is a natural overflow.

64.There is a huge difference between inspired action and busying yourself with activity in trying to make things happen. When you are busying yourself with activity because you don’t believe the Universe is working with you, everything is hard and feels like a struggle. You feel as though you are pushing against the current of the river and getting nowhere. You feel exhausted, things begin to go wrong, and it feels like nothing is going your way. But when you are working consciously with the intelligence of the Universe, everything is effortless. All your needs to accomplish your vision are met, and you are in a flow that is indescribable.

65.If you are feeling really good, negative thoughts and words are not on the same frequency as you, so you don’t even have to try to stop them because all good things just pour out of you. So, the fastest way to be more positive is to watch how you are feeling, rather than trying to monitor your thoughts and words. You are the only one who has control of your feelings, so start to get in touch with how you are feeling, and then deliberately focus on intensifying a good feeling within you.

66.You only have to tip the balance of your thoughts and feelings to positive to dramatically transform your life. You do not have to make every thought and word positive. As you tip the balance to positive, law of attraction is right there helping you, because like thoughts attract like thoughts. When you are having good thoughts you are on the frequency of attracting more good thoughts. Of course when you are having bad thoughts you will attract more bad thoughts, so at those times it is important to distract yourself and think of something that makes you feel good.

67.Live your dream in your heart and let the Universe move everything to bring your dream to you. Feel your dream, feel the presence of the Universe inside you, KNOW that the Universe is with you, guiding you, and then allow the Universe to realize your dream.

68.As you become more and more aware of how you are feeling, you will become more aware of your words and thoughts. It gets easier and easier. And so you when you hear yourself say something you don’t want, just restate what it is you do want. For example, a common thing that people say is, “I am tired”. If you say that with the whole day ahead of you, you are ordering up from the universe a tough day full of fatigue. So I would change those words to something like, “I am now drawing in unlimited energy. I am feeling more energized with every second. I feel amazing.” All of your power with the law of attraction is now, and by intensely feeling what you want, you can change anything.

69.A shift to dominant thoughts and feelings of love and gratitude is the answer for all unwanted things. Negativity in any form cannot exist in an energy field of love and gratitude.

70.Every night before you go to sleep, give sincere thanks for the day. Then intend your next day to be joyous, effortless, and wonderful. On waking in the morning, confirm your intention that your day will be magnificent! As you are creating every one of your days, if you don’t intend your day in advance then you are handing it over to the whims and energies of mass consciousness. Don’t put your day in the hands of others - create your own magnificent day.

71.We are One. We are all connected and we are all part of the One Energy Field, or the One Supreme Mind, or the One Consciousness, or the One Creative Source. Call it whatever you want, but we are all One. As you think negative thoughts about another you are separating yourself from the One, and your negative thoughts will return to harm only You. You have been given free will to choose, but when you think negative thoughts and have negative feelings, you are separating yourself from the One and All Good.

72.No matter what you have manifested in regards to your body, you can change it – inside and out. Start thinking happy thoughts and start being happy. Happiness is a feeling state of being. You have your finger on the “feeling happy” button. Press it now and keep your finger pressed down on it firmly, no matter what is happening around you.

73.Fear is the most debilitating emotion that there is, and every one of us can live a life without fear. The key to absolute freedom and joy for each and every one of us is to let go of fear. When you understand that fear puts you on a frequency of attracting more fearful events and circumstances into your life, you will understand how important it is to shift yourself. People are in fear of being late, of losing their job, of paying the bills, of getting sick, and the list goes on. But the fear of those things is actually summoning them to us. Law of attraction is impersonal, and whatever we focus on with feeling is bringing it to us. When fearful thoughts come, stamp them out immediately. Send them on their way and replace them with anything that makes you feel good.

74.Begin to use the two most powerful words, I AM, to your advantage. How about, “I AM receiving every good thing. I AM happy. I AM abundant. I AM healthy. I AM love. I AM always on time. I AM eternal youth. I AM filled with energy every single day.”

75.Every single person deserves to live a wonderful life, and they have the power to do that through the law of attraction. When you tend to your happiness and joy, something wonderful happens. You begin to overflow with joy, and every single person that you come into contact with is touched by your joy. One person in joy brings so much joy to the world through the magnificent matrix of our Universe. The power within each of us is unfathomable when focused in the direction of all good for all.

76.You have a choice right now. Do you want to believe that it’s just the luck of the draw and bad things can happen to you at any time? Do you want to believe that you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time? That you have no control over circumstances? Or do you want to believe and know that your life experience is in your hands and that only all good can come into your life because that of the way you think? You have a choice, and whatever you choose to think will become your life experience.

77.A powerful way to attract money is to start to give. Give wherever you can. It does not have to be money, but if you can even give one dollar it starts the flow of money. You can give in many other ways which are equally powerful. Give love and appreciation to people. Give gratitude for what you have. Give a helping hand, a kind gesture, a smile, and the best of yourself to everyone you meet. As you take action through sincere giving, the law of attraction will respond and you will be given to in every area of your life through people, circumstances, and events. You cannot trick the law of attraction. Your giving must be sincere and you must feel it in your heart.

78.Any time you look at yourself with critical eyes, switch your focus immediately to the presence within, and its perfection will reveal itself to you. As you do this, all imperfections that have manifested in your life will dissolve, because imperfections cannot exist in the light of this presence. Whether you want to regain perfect eyesight, dissolve disease and restore will-being, turn poverty into abundance, reverse aging and degeneration, or eradicate any negativity, focus on and love the presence within you and perfection will manifest.

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 19

Hello fellow bloggers! I know, it's been about a week since I have last updated. Many things happen in a week and I promise that I will not let another week go by again without a blog. Actually I haven't been updating on-line, but in my paper blogging book of ideas. Work got busy and I got sick, buuuuut I still worked out & ate and documented about it! I will catch up on the "missing blog entries" this weekend. : )

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 19: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Today we battled 37 mph winds, dark, cold, heavy rain, and lightening! (no thunder) We did a paired activity called "Wingman." You and a partner do exercise stations (abs, push-ups, plank, etc. all on a puddle filled parking lot) side by side with interval running in between. It's intense like the circus.

I know I was going to back track in blogs but basically I haven't been at camp the last three sessions:

Monday 1/11 = went to camp
Tuesday 1/12 = went to camp
Wednesday 1/13 = official day off from camp
Thursday 1/14 = had to go to early work meeting in Pacifica
Friday 1/15 (Fun Friday) = got sick from eating pork (1st time in a long time)
Saturday 1/16 (free community preview) = optional camp which I missed because I was in San Mateo/Marin
Sunday 1/17 = no camp
Monday 1/18 = missed camp because I overslept and wasn't back in San Jose

Technically I only missed 3 camp sessions this month, but it feels like I missed a week of camp. Don't get me wrong, I have been to the gym everyday accept Sunday and went running indoors and outdoors (if it wasn't raining). However, you and I both know IT'S DIFFERENT. So case in point I feel like a slob. Really.

Anyways I am happy to report I ran my 20 miles last week, however I totally need to log the miles into my DailyMile account. Fail.

Forget the negative attitude. It's time to turn this frown upside down! If I want to win in this game called weight loss I need to think positive and be focused!

FFF Diva Mo

Monday, January 11, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 11

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 11: Monday, January 11th, 2010

Exercise: Today's activity was called "The Centipede." The instructors set up cones in a row and as a participant you weave in and out of the cones by side-shuffling & running. However, you weave in between participants who are at each cone doing an exercise such as holding a plank, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. After those set of cones you run and side-shuffle through another set of zig-zag formation cones. Bottomline is you are running through cones in the shape of a centipede. Oh boot camp at 6am is soooo grand. I will say though that rubber bottom gardening gloves have saved me all these cold and frozen mornings!

After camp I drove back to my house and ran a mile around my neighborhood park. I felt much better today because it was slightly warmer and the cold air wasn't hurting my lungs. PM cardio tonight after work!

Lately I have been getting messages about my running, goals, why I am running, which races I am doing, and how I am documenting it. Below are some useful websites that can address those concerns:

1. Why I am running:

Mile a Day (running for a cause)

My sister Leilani and friend Katherine set up a running goal to run a mile a day for a cause. People sponsor them to run & I join them to support (I also have donated). We are raising money for breast cancer & diabetes prevention.

2. Which races I am running:

I use this website as my running & exercise bible. This website is a great resource to find local races, a running community near you, & fantastic articles to prevent injury & motivate you to be active in general!

3. How I document my running:


I LOVE this website. It's basically a Twitter but for those who run. If you keep a blog you can access a widget to keep a running track of how many miles you ran that day and how many miles you have run overall this year. When you access your profile on the website you have the ability to break down your running data by number of miles, how you felt, running times, and where you ran. You can also link it to your Facebook profile. Technology is fantastic!

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

FFF Diva YOUtube Video Ad: "Quit Drinking Fat in New York"

"New Year's Resolution: Quit Drinking Fat New York" by Danny Jensen

I've never been big on making New Year's resolutions, favoring gradual changes over the cold turkey approach, but the New York Health Department is pushing hard to encourage residents of the Big Apple to cut down on soda and other sugary beverages in 2010.

Having been unable to pass a tax on sugary drinks earlier this year, the city has decided to take a more visceral approach with their "Are You Putting On the Pounds" campaign, which includes subway posters and a video that takes soda's fat-inducing capabilities literally (watch below).

Cutting down on soda seems like a great way to combat diabetes and obesity, and while watching someone guzzle a glass of fat is a little much for me, if the image makes people think twice about grabbing a soda, I'm for it. According to Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner:

Soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages are the biggest contributors to that increase, and the actual effects aren't pretty. Two thirds of adults are now overweight or obese, as are nearly 40% of public school children in New York City. The rates are still rising, and the consequences are severe. They run the gamut from arthritis to diabetes - a leading cause of blindness, amputations, kidney failure and premature death. Sugar-sweetened beverages are not the sole cause of this crisis, just one of the most egregious.
I'd say those are reasons enough to discourage soda consumption. It doesn't help that most sodas and juices now contain High Fructose Corn Syrup as a sweetener in place of sugar, which provides a large number of calories yet is devoid of nutrients, and is considered to be more readily metabolized to fat than other sweeteners.

Check out the campaign's Facebook page and watch the (not-for-the-squemish) video below:


FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 10

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 10: Sunday, January 10th, 2010

GOAL: Running 1,010 miles in 2010

Exercise: Today I ran one more mile AFTER singing in 7:30am mass & do a PACT faith action at 9:30am mass. By running that one more mile I met my goal of running 20-ish miles a week!!!!

Week 1: 20 miles!

Next week: Hopefully 20 more miles!

FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 9

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 9: Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Exercise: This was the BEST DAY ever. Seriously. I am so proud I could cry with tears of joy. My sister Leilani, my cousin Ate Lisa (who already ran a full marathon at age 26), my cousin Jeremy (who is running with me & Leilani at the L.A. Marathon) ran with me 3.33 miles at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. We have made a family decision to run different running trails together at least once a month. It's challenging especially since we all live in different parts of the Bay Area. Sooooooo proud.

AGAIN I stretched and foam rolled, but this time with family & this time while watching Lifetime's Bridezillas and America's Next Top Model. "I want wind in my hair!"

Committed to health & fabulousness,
FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 8

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 8: Friday, January 8th, 2010

Exercise: At boot camp we did not have our usual FUN FRIDAY. Fun Friday is usually a day where we play a fun activity such as 3 ball soccer, frisbee football, or relay races. We didn't get to do Fun Friday because Ronny was late for set-up (mind you late is 5:45am). Anyways it was fine, because I was laaaaaate too. What sucked was that I could see them across the lake in the dark fog, but since they kept moving I had around the ENTIRE lake in order to reach them. Not so fun.

We did a resistance band exercise that revolved around 21 reps. For example 21 reps of bicep curls, chest flys, and rows, but in interval reps. So much running in between AND up & down the hill. Now that too was not so fun.

Since I was late I had to participate in FUNISHMENT activities. Funishment includes extra activities such as sprints in the parking lot, curb kickers, or more ab workouts. After camp I ran another mile around the lake.

At camp we have to maintain food, exercise, & goal logs (same log book). If we didn't have our goals written down we would have received funishment.

FFF Diva Mo's Goals in January Boot Camp

Physical Goals:
1) lose 10 lbs
2) run mile time under 12 minutes
3) don't walk

Mental Goals:
4) I will not emotionally/stress eat.

New Habits:
5) attend camp everyday
5) stretch/foam roll everyday

We'll see how this goes. (insert nervous laughter here)

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 7

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 7: Thursday, January 7th, 2010

At camp we did an activity called "Ground Attack" During this activity we did bear crawls, crab walks, lunges, inch-worms, and interval running in between. It would have been ok, but AGAIN the grass was frozen and thankfully one of my fellow campers lent me their gloves. I need to get my own pair of gloves AND I need to get a new pair of running shoes. My socks every morning are soaked. I think I will get running trail shoes from Running Revolution. After all boot campers get 20% off. Nice!

Also, after camp I ran 2 miles, but I HAD TO RUN ON A TREADMILL INDOORS. Again the lungs were feeling heavy. My instructor told me that I should get some type of motorcycle neck warmer that will help keep my neck and face warm. Hmmm. We'll see how that works. Today I finally listened to my body, because at camp it was SOOOOO ROUGH. Even though I could physically do the exercises my heavy breathing due to the cold air in my lungs REALLY SLOWED ME DOWN to the point that I had to walk instead of run. Scary.

Lesson: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you need to rest, don't fight it. It will only work against you in the end.

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 6

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 6: Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

At Operation Boot Camp we did a running interval workout. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much running. Again the cold air was not so great to my lungs. However instead of listening to my body I ran another 2 miles outside around the lake at Hellyer Park. The good thing was after the run I made time to stretch my body and foam roll my calves.

For those who run, do other cardio, or play a sport PLEASE FOAM ROLL!

"Why Foam Rollers May Still Rock"

If foam rollers are ineffective why did they become such popular massage tools? I think the answer is uncomfortable. The foam roller’s chief claim to fame may be pain, not the masochistic kind, but a kinder gentler pain. It is probably this “good-pain” that rollers produce that’s made them such a hit. Every time you roll on one it causes mild discomfort. The pain coupled with all the positive press about rollers conveys the illusion that something beneficial is happening.

Endorphin Cocktails
Pain releases a flood of natural chemicals collectively called endorphin cocktails, which includes serotonin, adrenaline, anandamide, dopamine, endorphins, and more into your bloodstream. Your body mixes this cocktail to mask the pain. The endorphin mix produces a slow release from pain which feels like pleasure. The fact that you feel enormous relief getting off the foam further convinces you that the roller did more good than it has. Pain is very persuasive.

Effective Marketing
Another reason for the rollers’ popularity is that they’re easy for professional health care providers to recommend. Foam rollers are inexpensive, look like fun, and have a good reputation. They’re unlikely to cause harm to those athletes who roll on them. They’re also effectively marketed by a talented sales force. And finally, rollers don’t offer much competition. No health care provider has ever lost a client to a foam roller.

Why Rollers Remain Popular
While they may not be great massage tools, foam rollers still rock because they make cool exercise tools. I’ve found they can be very effective props in Pilates and other exercise classes. They are fun to experiment with. They do provide a compression massage which does improve circulation. By placing the large muscles you wish to compress on the roller and allowing your your body’s weight to press them into the hard foam, you not only improve circulation, you release endorphin cocktails, always a pleasant perk. Rollers come in different color coded densities some of which feel better than others. If you do get one, I suggest that you stay away from the white ones which quickly flatten and lose their roll. And if all else fails, Carrie Sauter suggests you can always use the foam roller to rest your head against while lying on the floor watching TV.


FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 5

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 5: Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Note: My apologies in advance for being so behind on blogging entries. I actually got sick on Sunday and have been doing a weird up & down recovery this week. Thanks for the patience! I will make sure I get these entries done more consistently!

At Operation Boot Camp we did an exercise called Captain Crunch. We did running intervals with ab workouts completed in between. Ab workouts include sit-ups, push-ups, plank, fire hydrants, & more. The grass was pretty much frozen. Fantastic way to start the morning at 6am: FROZEN GRASS.

FFF Diva Mo: "Wow this grass is crunchy!"
Alissa: "Mo, it's frozen."
FFF Diva Mo: "Argh."

After boot camp I stayed to run another 3 miles around the lake at Hellyer Park. It was good, but the cold air was hard on my lungs. Later in the evening I went to Gold's Gym to do PM cardio and get dunked for my body fat percentage. I also worked out on an elliptical machine for an hour and burned 758 calories.

Weight: 242 lbs.
Body Fat: 44 %


Also, I need to listen to my body and rest. Let's see if I actually listen to it.

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

Friday, January 8, 2010

FFF Diva Motivation: George Carlin on Aging

Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

"How old are you?" "I'm four and a half!"

You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.

You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

"How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!"

You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life ! You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!
But then you turn 30. Oooohh... what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed?

You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away. Before you know it, you REACH 50 and your dreams are gone.
But! wait! You MAKE it to 60. You didn't think you would!

So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE IT to 60.

You've built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it's a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!

You get into your 80s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime. And it doesn't end there. Into the 90s, you start going backwards; "I Was JUST 92."

Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. "I'm 100 and a half!"

May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!

1. Throw out non-essential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them.
2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
3. Keep learning. ! Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever, even ham radio. Never let the brain idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's family name is Alzheimer's.
4. Enjoy the simple things.
5. Laugh often, long, and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever.Your home is your refuge.
8. Cherish your health. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.
10. Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity.
AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
And if you don't send this to at least 8 people -- who cares? But do share this with someone. We all need to live life to its fullest each day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FFF Diva Inspiration: The First Women's Olympic Marathon

If you haven't seen this before, watch it for great inspiration. Before
the 1984 Olympics, women weren't allowed official entry into marathons.
The belief was their constitutions were too weak, and the effort of
running a marathon would be harmful. Joan Benoit proves everyone wrong (as did every other female marathon finisher that day.

I didn't believe until now, but I am a marathon runner. I am an athlete. I am unstoppable. I am enough.

With many 5K races under my belt, a 10K, & a 1/2 marathon I definitely feel confident that I will be able to complete my first full marathon this coming March 2010. Watch me.

<3 FFF Diva Mo

Monday, January 4, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 4

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 4: Monday, January 4th, 2010

Today was the first day back at boot camp!!! Which in the Operation Boot Camp world means PT test!

PT Tests: What does that mean?

At the beginning and end of the monthly program, we are given physical training tests to assess our progress.

My results today:

Mile run = 13 minutes, 18 seconds
Facilitated push-ups (on knees) = 35
Facilitated sit-ups (crunches) = 24
Facilitated dips (knees bent) = 30

I am a little bummed about the personal mile time today, because my December '09 PT mile time best was around 11 minutes and 58 seconds (give or take a couple of miliseconds). Anyways it was below 11 minutes and now I am at 13 minutes!

My initial reaction: "BOOOOOOOOOOO! Maureen YOU SUCK!"

My reaction after some rational thought: "Maureen that's pretty good considering you still feel like hell and are getting over a cold of some sort. Pretty good at 6am in the morning (boot camp is from 6-7am outdoors at Hellyer Park). Pretty good considering it was 44 degrees when you ran this morning (our lowest temperature was 27 degrees)."

I feel better.

Actually I felt a lot better after my other run. What do I mean? Well since I have a goal of running 1,010 miles in the year 2010 I needed to catch up on my running mileage. Remember: in order for me to run 1,010 miles in 2010 I need to run at least 2.76 miles a day or at least 20ish miles a week. Since I didn't run yesterday I needed to play catch-up, so I ran another 3 miles after my PT test which took another 50 minutes because it was sooooo cold.

I feel DEFINITELY better.

Tonight? Planning my meals for the week, food logging, stretching, & foam rolling. ALSO planning my exercise schedule for the week.

UPDATE: I will be running the Waterfront Run in San Francisco on Sunday, January 24th. The run is a 5K along the Embarcadero in the city. It will be beautiful I am sure. Let me know if you are running it to!

<3 FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 3

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 3: Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Simple entry--I AM SICK! I had a week and some odd days of winter vacation and I got sick the day before I went back to work. Loverly.

Workout? = NO

Running a mile today? = NO

Sleep? = YES. LOTS.

Hot tea? = YES. LOTS.

REST is VITAL for me to be able to win this competition. Make sure you rest too!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

FFF Diva Motivational Quote of the Day: Ellen Degeneres

"You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is." -Ellen Degeneres

Saturday, January 2, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 2

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 2: Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Topics to cover: (not in any particular order)
1. 5k Run for the Homeless in Fremont (3.1 miles)
2. New Year's Non-Resolutions
3. Running 1010 miles in 2010

5K Run for the Homeless in Fremont: htttp://
It was an excellent run. My sister Leilani, friend Dennis, and I ran our first 5K of the year! Our times: Dennis ran 36 minutes, Leilani ran 48 minutes, and I ran 45 minutes. The last time I ran a solo 5K was back in September for the 5K Bubba Gump Race for the United Way and I ran in 38 minutes. I definitely need to practice short runs again. Haha. However I must share two things:

-Every race I choose a person to use as my pace setter or race marker. There was a woman in her late 30s that I was trailing the majority of the race and I finally caught up to her right after mile 2. When I reached her I motioned to her to remove her iPod headphones and told her "I know you don't know me, but I want to say I have been following you since the start line. Your pace is fantastic and I wanted to reach you to say that I am inspired by you. Remember with every step even if you don't know it someone is inspired by you. Keep up the great work!" She was really nice about it and surprised I said that. I only said it, because it was true. If it wasn't for her steps and pace I would not have run as fast as I did today AND the best part was we crossed the finish line together!

-After the race a woman came up to me (as I was chugging a water bottle) and in a kind voice said: "I don't even know you but I am so proud and impressed by you. You ran the whole race at the same pace & never stopped. I ran, then stopped to walk, but started run again because I saw you running. Well I just wanted to share that with you." I thanked her and wished her a Happy New Year. I walked away with a smile on my face.

New Year's Non-Resolutions
My sister Leilani doesn't believe in creating New Year's resolutions because usually when we make resolutions they usually don't get completed. So to follow in tradition I decided to make some non-resolutions:

-Achieve goal weight: 150 lbs.
-Complete full marathon (26.2 miles)
-Complete a race each month (5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, or marathon)
-Run 1010 miles in 2010 (at least 2.76 miles a day)

I know these goals sound lofty, but the reality is that I have been training and conditioning my body & nutrition to achieve these goals. I have lost about 45 lbs since May, I ran a 1/2 marathon in October, and have been participating in a 6am outdoor boot camp. I feel 2010 is going to be my year. I know it!

Running 1010 miles in 2010
I joined a Facebook group today with an interesting goal: Run 1000 miles in 2010. I thought it was sooooo neat that I joined the group & started calculating my miles:

1 mile yesterday + 3.1 miles today = 4.1 miles (so far in 2010)

How it works:
Not to run fast, or far, to win, or even to live forever.
Run to know that you are alive.
You can do this.
Only 20ish miles / week.

Running and community. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Join us and Run 1000 Miles in 2010!

I decided that I wanted to run 1010 miles in 2010 instead because I liked the way it sounded. When you break it down it's 2.76 miles a day or roughly 20ish miles a week. I can do it. I know I can!

Well it's time to jet. My sister and I are going to the gym for PM cardio. Let's see if I log more miles tonight.

Much love,
FFF Diva Mo

P.S. The party photos are from my friend Vanessa's New Year's Eve party in Santa Cruz. My sister Leilani is in the red dress. We are too cuuuute.

Friday, January 1, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 1

Dear Mo,

Finally... It PAYS to get in shape. 12 weeks is a LLOONNGG time to make change, and CHANGE is what we want you to make. Change the most, and get rewarded!

Change your lifestyle, your eating habits, and the way you feel about yourself.

And now, REWARD comes to those who will do it best. Do you have what it takes? Does somebody you know have what it takes? We're not talking about who can drop 50 lbs by starving themselves... no. The picture is bigger than that...

We're talking about who wants to be able to reduce their bodyfat, build muscle-tone, be faster, have more energy, learn how to eat in various social situations, and transform their lives, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FITNESS LEVEL IS.



There is a simple formula to losing bodyfat... work out intensely and watch what you eat. Pretty simple... but also difficult!

What sets Operation Boot Camp apart from every other outdoor fitness program is that we have ONGOING nutritional guidance, a high-intensity workout program, and an "any age, any fitness level" co-ed system that's PROVEN to help thousands of people accomplish their body fat loss goals over the last decade.

Simply put - we make sure you LEARN how to eat right in life's situations, and give you the kick in the pants you need to get a great workout. Consistently. You take our program, you will change your life.

And now, with the New Years right around the corner, we are throwing out the MOTIVATION and the REWARD for those who want to make 2010 "the year" they make the best progress and aren't afraid of working hard for it!

Here are the rules:

All contestants MUST get hydrostatically weighed (bodyfat measurement) on Jan 5th, sometime between 4pm and 8pm. THIS IS YOUR STARTING POINT AND YOUR "BUY-IN" TO THE COMPETITION, IF YOU DO NOT GET WEIGHED, YOU CAN NOT COMPETE. We will weigh again 12 weeks later determine the winner of the competition. **If you can not make it to the Jan 5th (tues) dunk time (between 4pm-8pm), then let us know and we will get you in at another time close to the beginning of the session.

The Camper who loses the highest ratio of their own bodyfat wins. For example, someone who is 30% BF and loses 15% bodyfat over the 12 weeks would have a change of 50%. Someone who is 10% who loses 6% over the 12 weeks would have a percentage of change of 60%. The person starting at 10% would win because they changed a higher percentage, even though they lost less absolute body fat. The less bodyfat you have, the harder it is to lose.

The campers must all be enrolled in camp for the duration of the 12 weeks. Our first camp starts on Jan 4th, the second on Feb 1st, and the third on March 1st. Dedication passes will be available at a significant discount from the already discounted price.

Anyone enrolling late (maximum 1 month) may still have an opportunity to compete, at the discretion of the other instructors and contestants.

WINNER TAKES ALL. The Grand Prize will go to the winner, which will be a prize package listed below, valued over $1,200.

There will be a MAXIMUM of 15 contestants allowed to compete in this first competition. Spaces are limited; so if you, or any friends, family, or loved ones that you know would be interested in REALLY making a difference in 2010 for the better, please FWD this email to them! Only the first 15 people will be allowed to participate.

Contest begins on Jan 4th and will go until March 26th!

Everyone wins a "better shape" but 1st place winner gets:

1 Free month Spa package at Planet Beach Contempo Spa ($210)
Gift certificate to Running Revolution ($50)
Free Hair cut from Crown Barbers ($30)
Free Hair cut from Diva Hair Salon ($50)
Free Gift Certificate for either Mani / Pedi InSpa ($39)
Free (whole) House Cleaning ($120)
96 count toilet paper ($50)
1 hour massage ($60)
Dedication Pass (3 months of camp) ($700)


FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 1: Friday, January 1st, 2010

I know that this contest starts officially on January 4th and ends March 26th, however I thought it would be neat to document the 90 day transformation challenge from January 1st-March 31st instead. 90 days = 90 blog entries (long or short). Each entry for the next 90 days will revolve around my challenges & successes of this contest. Even if I don't win I will still come out on top however I DO WANT TO WIN! The above information shares how serious this competition is and I WILL WIN IT. WATCH ME.

My sister Leilani and friend Katherine are starting a "Mile-a-day" Running Challenge to raise money for cancer & diabetes prevention & research. How it works: People donate money for the cause (cancer or diabetes) and the girls (and friends) run at least a mile a day. They are doing a blog and vlog documenting their journey: Today we each ran a mile at the local middle school track at 3pm in the afternoon.

Our times:
Katherine- 12 minutes & 20 seconds
Leilani- 12 minutes & 45 seconds
Maureen- 12 minutes & 30 seconds

I think that our times were pretty good considering it was 3pm in the afternoon and the sun was up so high. We recorded the running for their vlog. Can't wait to see it! If you are interested in the cause feel free to check out their blog or email me : ).

Today I also did a warm-up walk on the track and stretching. I was going to go to the gym afterwards for cardio, but life things happen. It's a challenge because my family comes first. My sister, brother, and I with our parents take care of our elderly grandparents. It's tough because you want to work out, but they might need you to do something first or last minute as you try to walk out the door, which then delays or makes you adapt your workout for the day. This is why I have decided that EARLY morning workouts are the best way to go, especially since I start boot camp again on Monday & work in San Mateo. Luckily for me graduate school doesn't start up again until January 20th.

Need a catch up? If you are familiar with the Bay Area then kudos to you, but if not feel free to GOOGLE the distances. What do I mean? Well I live and workout (boot camp, gym, running, etc.) in San Jose. I work full-time in San Mateo, however the high school sites I work at are in Pacifica and Daly City. I attend graduate school working on an MBA degree (Masters in Business Administration in Global Management) at my alma mater Dominican University of California in San Rafael (Marin County-across the Golden Gate Bridge). Yes I am a professional commuter, which makes weight loss and general living challenging since I spend a lot of time in my car.

But I digress...

I am ending my vacation from work soon. In fact I go back to work on January 4th. I am looking forward to it, but in the meantime I need to finish cleaning, organizing, & purging my fat clothes. YAAAAAY donations to Silicon Valley Goodwill!

Until next entry,

FFF Diva Mo

FFF Diva New Year's Motivation: "A New Year = New Dreams = New Goals"

A New Year = New Dreams = New Goals

By Don Allison

Another year gone by. They sure go by fast. I made that statement last year at this time, and nothing has occurred during the past 365 days to change that outlook.

So, what's your plan for 2010? Is this the year you are finally going to pursue that long sought-after running goal? Do you have it in you? Is it realistic to think you can improve if you are more dedicated? That's the lure of running. You train harder, you run longer, stronger and faster. It's nice to have a plan, to dream of a goal that you hope to achieve.

The problem is that reality, which is often ugly and messy, often unfolds quite differently from our clean, efficient plans, laid out so neatly on January 1. When dreaming or planning, we don't often factor in days when we are tired, ill, injured, sore, or just plain not-into-training. We don't foresee days on end when our legs are dead. Life intervenes in other ways as well: work and family often put running on the back burner, as they should. Some days when you are raring to go, bad weather or an unscheduled emergency puts a damper on your run.

Sometimes our goals are simply too ambitious, although they may not seem that way, especially when we hear about the incredible feats of others. But we can’t base our goals on the accomplishments of others. We may manage 20 or 30 or 40 miles per week of running without too much strain, but in attempt to run 50 or 60 we break down, or become too tired or too harried to accrue any real benefits from the extra mileage.

As the years go by, I realize that there is just not much time to squeeze in a lot of mileage, even if it is available for running. Maybe I am just getting slower, but years ago, I covered 70 miles per week without too much difficulty. Now, even reaching 30 is often a challenge. Nowadays that seems like a lot! I also need more recovery days, recovery weeks, and recovery months. Necessary as they may be, they create a lot of empty space in the training log.

There are many things we can do to improve our running:

Set concrete goals
Run more mileage
Run more speed
Add strength training
Add cross training
Improve our diet
Keep a detailed training log
Get more rest
Do more stretching
Take a yoga class
These are all worthy pursuits, but tough to add to an already full running and life schedule. I'd like to see the individual who can manage many of these things inside of a workday lunch hour.

Should you make your running a high priority? Will it affect your or anyone else's life in a positive way? That's a subject for another column, but suffice to say that if you do have aspirations to reach as yet unachieved running goals, you will have to make a concerted effort to do so. Will it require a sacrifice of other priorities? That all depends upon how you look at it. One man's (or woman’s) sacrifice is another's pleasure.

Whether or not we are actually able to achieve them, setting goals to improve our running is a worthwhile pursuit. It defines our effort, which usually results in improved performance. Aimlessly going from day to day can result in stagnation, even if you are only in the sport for participation.

Whatever your goals, you should bring integrity and validity to them. It does not matter if that goal is to break the world record in the marathon or complete a three-mile run around your neighborhood. It's your achievement; thus, the feeling of accomplishment and the journey to get there are what it's all about.

A new year is simply a demarcation on the calendar, but I have always found it a good time to assess and reflect upon my own running. My motivation level may not make it all the way through the year, but I know this is the time I have set to commence achieving specific goals.

In the end, dreams do matter. They are the starting point for fulfillment in running. I wish all of you the best in realizing your own running dreams and goals during 2009. There is no time like the present—before you know it, it will be gone!

Don Allison, from Weymouth, Massachusetts, is the former publisher of UltraRunning Magazine and a founder of Cool Running. He has completed 55 marathons, with a personal best of 2:35. In addition, Don has completed several ultramarathons, Ironman triathlons and cycled across the U.S.A. in 2006.
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