Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: Day 25

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 25: Monday, January 25th, 2010

I was welcomed back to 6am boot camp by running suicides in the rain not only in the parking lot, but also on the grassy muddy hill. Not to mention the squats, jumping jacks, plank, & mountain climbers as a bonus. We did it!

A Boot Camp Conversation:
Mo: "Since when did we run suicides up a hill?"
Alex: "We always ran suicides. They just called it a different name so it wouldn't scare us off."
Mo: "Different name? Like what? 'Running really fast in short sprints back & forth between cones' is a name that definitely doesn't work for me!"

A Boot Camp Motivational Moment:
Mo: "Lakshmi you made it! You are only 10 minutes late! Great job finding us at the other side of the park & in the dark no less! What made you come?!"
Lakshmi: "You. I saw your status on Facebook that you ran a total of about 70 miles since January 1st! I only came in the rain, because I was motivated by your running. I am proud of you Mo. Thanks to you I am here today this morning suffering along side you."
Mo: "Haha. Suffering."
Lakshmi: "That's right. Suffering."

A Funny Office Moment:
Office Team: "Alright what is our 1 high and 1 low of the week?"
Mo: "I calculated my running mileage since January 1st. I have run about 70 miles so far! This past week I ran about 25 miles!"
Office Team: "Whoa"
--later that day--
Office Team: "We have decided to instill office health goals that we will hold each other accountable on!"
Mo: "How did this come about?"
Office Teammate: "Well because your exercise is putting us to shame. You know I have a brand new car that doesn't have even 70 miles on it. You have run more miles than my new car!"

Committed to rocking it out the healthy way,
<3 FFF Diva Mo

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