Saturday, January 2, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 2

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 2: Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Topics to cover: (not in any particular order)
1. 5k Run for the Homeless in Fremont (3.1 miles)
2. New Year's Non-Resolutions
3. Running 1010 miles in 2010

5K Run for the Homeless in Fremont: htttp://
It was an excellent run. My sister Leilani, friend Dennis, and I ran our first 5K of the year! Our times: Dennis ran 36 minutes, Leilani ran 48 minutes, and I ran 45 minutes. The last time I ran a solo 5K was back in September for the 5K Bubba Gump Race for the United Way and I ran in 38 minutes. I definitely need to practice short runs again. Haha. However I must share two things:

-Every race I choose a person to use as my pace setter or race marker. There was a woman in her late 30s that I was trailing the majority of the race and I finally caught up to her right after mile 2. When I reached her I motioned to her to remove her iPod headphones and told her "I know you don't know me, but I want to say I have been following you since the start line. Your pace is fantastic and I wanted to reach you to say that I am inspired by you. Remember with every step even if you don't know it someone is inspired by you. Keep up the great work!" She was really nice about it and surprised I said that. I only said it, because it was true. If it wasn't for her steps and pace I would not have run as fast as I did today AND the best part was we crossed the finish line together!

-After the race a woman came up to me (as I was chugging a water bottle) and in a kind voice said: "I don't even know you but I am so proud and impressed by you. You ran the whole race at the same pace & never stopped. I ran, then stopped to walk, but started run again because I saw you running. Well I just wanted to share that with you." I thanked her and wished her a Happy New Year. I walked away with a smile on my face.

New Year's Non-Resolutions
My sister Leilani doesn't believe in creating New Year's resolutions because usually when we make resolutions they usually don't get completed. So to follow in tradition I decided to make some non-resolutions:

-Achieve goal weight: 150 lbs.
-Complete full marathon (26.2 miles)
-Complete a race each month (5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, or marathon)
-Run 1010 miles in 2010 (at least 2.76 miles a day)

I know these goals sound lofty, but the reality is that I have been training and conditioning my body & nutrition to achieve these goals. I have lost about 45 lbs since May, I ran a 1/2 marathon in October, and have been participating in a 6am outdoor boot camp. I feel 2010 is going to be my year. I know it!

Running 1010 miles in 2010
I joined a Facebook group today with an interesting goal: Run 1000 miles in 2010. I thought it was sooooo neat that I joined the group & started calculating my miles:

1 mile yesterday + 3.1 miles today = 4.1 miles (so far in 2010)

How it works:
Not to run fast, or far, to win, or even to live forever.
Run to know that you are alive.
You can do this.
Only 20ish miles / week.

Running and community. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Join us and Run 1000 Miles in 2010!

I decided that I wanted to run 1010 miles in 2010 instead because I liked the way it sounded. When you break it down it's 2.76 miles a day or roughly 20ish miles a week. I can do it. I know I can!

Well it's time to jet. My sister and I are going to the gym for PM cardio. Let's see if I log more miles tonight.

Much love,
FFF Diva Mo

P.S. The party photos are from my friend Vanessa's New Year's Eve party in Santa Cruz. My sister Leilani is in the red dress. We are too cuuuute.

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  1. Mo- this is great, congratulations. I remember when you talked about how you had a hard time running at all and that wasn't too long ago. I'm sure this year will bring you more acheivements and continue to provide inspiration for others.


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