Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FFF Diva Inspiration: The First Women's Olympic Marathon

If you haven't seen this before, watch it for great inspiration. Before
the 1984 Olympics, women weren't allowed official entry into marathons.
The belief was their constitutions were too weak, and the effort of
running a marathon would be harmful. Joan Benoit proves everyone wrong (as did every other female marathon finisher that day.

I didn't believe until now, but I am a marathon runner. I am an athlete. I am unstoppable. I am enough.

With many 5K races under my belt, a 10K, & a 1/2 marathon I definitely feel confident that I will be able to complete my first full marathon this coming March 2010. Watch me.

<3 FFF Diva Mo


  1. "Watch me."

    Love this!! Such attitude and 100% belief, which is why you WILL achieve!

    Thanks for visiting CoachYourMind. Hope you enjoy, as I'm enjoying your journey!


  2. what a great progress! it takes a lot of determination to do what you do. hats off to you!!

  3. You have done so well and you're still going strong. You may just inspire me to get out there and run myself!

  4. Thank you for posting this video. It was very inspirational!


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