Monday, January 25, 2010

FFF Diva Reflection: My Answers

Become aware of your eating patterns: A Personal Intake Survey

Do you eat breakfast daily
Yes I do! : )

Do you eat within two to three hours of bedtime

How long do you go between meals
Usually 2-3 hours, however there have been stressful/busy days where I can go 4-5 hours without eating.

Do you eat foods simply out of habit

Do you crave junk foods at a certain time of day
No, more like during a stressful moment or situation for comfort.

Do you feel that specific foods to hand in hand with certain events, such as movies or ball games
Yes. Movies: popcorn. Baseball games: garlic fries. Friend birthdays: beer, wine, or celebratory shot of alcohol.

Are you an emotional eater

Do you eat out of boredom

Does food provide you comfort when you're upset or stressed - out

Do you feel tired a lot, especially by two or three in the afternoon

Do you have a bowl movement daily ( without laxatives )

Do you take heartburn medication

Do you feel bloated by the evening

Do you experience PMS

Does alcohol make the good times better and the bad times better
Depending on the situation and environment I am drinking in.

Now, think back to your childhood or teens and look at your family. See if your choices now simply continue those patterns and support those beliefs.

Was dinner a celebration, time to come together each night where you bonded with your family and ate healthy meals.
Yes, but we DID NOT eat healthy meals.

Was it first come first served, and you could eat whatever you wanted

What was the emotional atmosphere like in your home as a young child

How did your parents support themselves when they were upset or stressed out? How did they comfort you and how did you comfort yourself.
Hugs and a either take-out food or a nice sit-down dinner in a restaurant.

Was fast food a staple in your diet

Did holidays and family reunions center around eating
YESSSSSS (we are Filipino!)

Did you learn poor eating habits from your mom or dad

Did your parents exercise - where they in good shape
No. They both have Diabetes

What do you remember being told about your body
You won't get a husband without having a skinny body.

Did you eat out of boredom

When did you begin to struggle with your weight and body image
My first year in college. At age 18 I finally hit over 200 lbs.

Did you have a rough childhood or teenage life.

Do you eat when you really need sleep
Yes---I commute a lot.

Is it hard to stay on track at night when you're tired and physically drained

Do you binge when you're on your period, or midmonth when you're ovulating

Do you feel a lack of self - restraint when faced with a decadent meal

Are you a *all or nothing * kind of person - that is, strict on your diet, then after a night of too much food or alcohol, you give it up completely

If you love the taste of something, do you continue eating even after you're full

How do you feel an hour after eating too much or when you've gone too long without eating

Do you listen to your bodies true desires
Not always.

Do you know how much food you need to feel full
Not really.

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  1. Try eating less salt and also will watching tv jog or run in place during cermercials. MY family did this and we all lost about 10 pounds each month.Wish helpful for all!!!


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