Sunday, January 10, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 8

FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 8: Friday, January 8th, 2010

Exercise: At boot camp we did not have our usual FUN FRIDAY. Fun Friday is usually a day where we play a fun activity such as 3 ball soccer, frisbee football, or relay races. We didn't get to do Fun Friday because Ronny was late for set-up (mind you late is 5:45am). Anyways it was fine, because I was laaaaaate too. What sucked was that I could see them across the lake in the dark fog, but since they kept moving I had around the ENTIRE lake in order to reach them. Not so fun.

We did a resistance band exercise that revolved around 21 reps. For example 21 reps of bicep curls, chest flys, and rows, but in interval reps. So much running in between AND up & down the hill. Now that too was not so fun.

Since I was late I had to participate in FUNISHMENT activities. Funishment includes extra activities such as sprints in the parking lot, curb kickers, or more ab workouts. After camp I ran another mile around the lake.

At camp we have to maintain food, exercise, & goal logs (same log book). If we didn't have our goals written down we would have received funishment.

FFF Diva Mo's Goals in January Boot Camp

Physical Goals:
1) lose 10 lbs
2) run mile time under 12 minutes
3) don't walk

Mental Goals:
4) I will not emotionally/stress eat.

New Habits:
5) attend camp everyday
5) stretch/foam roll everyday

We'll see how this goes. (insert nervous laughter here)

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

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