Friday, January 1, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 1

Dear Mo,

Finally... It PAYS to get in shape. 12 weeks is a LLOONNGG time to make change, and CHANGE is what we want you to make. Change the most, and get rewarded!

Change your lifestyle, your eating habits, and the way you feel about yourself.

And now, REWARD comes to those who will do it best. Do you have what it takes? Does somebody you know have what it takes? We're not talking about who can drop 50 lbs by starving themselves... no. The picture is bigger than that...

We're talking about who wants to be able to reduce their bodyfat, build muscle-tone, be faster, have more energy, learn how to eat in various social situations, and transform their lives, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FITNESS LEVEL IS.



There is a simple formula to losing bodyfat... work out intensely and watch what you eat. Pretty simple... but also difficult!

What sets Operation Boot Camp apart from every other outdoor fitness program is that we have ONGOING nutritional guidance, a high-intensity workout program, and an "any age, any fitness level" co-ed system that's PROVEN to help thousands of people accomplish their body fat loss goals over the last decade.

Simply put - we make sure you LEARN how to eat right in life's situations, and give you the kick in the pants you need to get a great workout. Consistently. You take our program, you will change your life.

And now, with the New Years right around the corner, we are throwing out the MOTIVATION and the REWARD for those who want to make 2010 "the year" they make the best progress and aren't afraid of working hard for it!

Here are the rules:

All contestants MUST get hydrostatically weighed (bodyfat measurement) on Jan 5th, sometime between 4pm and 8pm. THIS IS YOUR STARTING POINT AND YOUR "BUY-IN" TO THE COMPETITION, IF YOU DO NOT GET WEIGHED, YOU CAN NOT COMPETE. We will weigh again 12 weeks later determine the winner of the competition. **If you can not make it to the Jan 5th (tues) dunk time (between 4pm-8pm), then let us know and we will get you in at another time close to the beginning of the session.

The Camper who loses the highest ratio of their own bodyfat wins. For example, someone who is 30% BF and loses 15% bodyfat over the 12 weeks would have a change of 50%. Someone who is 10% who loses 6% over the 12 weeks would have a percentage of change of 60%. The person starting at 10% would win because they changed a higher percentage, even though they lost less absolute body fat. The less bodyfat you have, the harder it is to lose.

The campers must all be enrolled in camp for the duration of the 12 weeks. Our first camp starts on Jan 4th, the second on Feb 1st, and the third on March 1st. Dedication passes will be available at a significant discount from the already discounted price.

Anyone enrolling late (maximum 1 month) may still have an opportunity to compete, at the discretion of the other instructors and contestants.

WINNER TAKES ALL. The Grand Prize will go to the winner, which will be a prize package listed below, valued over $1,200.

There will be a MAXIMUM of 15 contestants allowed to compete in this first competition. Spaces are limited; so if you, or any friends, family, or loved ones that you know would be interested in REALLY making a difference in 2010 for the better, please FWD this email to them! Only the first 15 people will be allowed to participate.

Contest begins on Jan 4th and will go until March 26th!

Everyone wins a "better shape" but 1st place winner gets:

1 Free month Spa package at Planet Beach Contempo Spa ($210)
Gift certificate to Running Revolution ($50)
Free Hair cut from Crown Barbers ($30)
Free Hair cut from Diva Hair Salon ($50)
Free Gift Certificate for either Mani / Pedi InSpa ($39)
Free (whole) House Cleaning ($120)
96 count toilet paper ($50)
1 hour massage ($60)
Dedication Pass (3 months of camp) ($700)


FFF Diva Challenge: Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition

DAY 1: Friday, January 1st, 2010

I know that this contest starts officially on January 4th and ends March 26th, however I thought it would be neat to document the 90 day transformation challenge from January 1st-March 31st instead. 90 days = 90 blog entries (long or short). Each entry for the next 90 days will revolve around my challenges & successes of this contest. Even if I don't win I will still come out on top however I DO WANT TO WIN! The above information shares how serious this competition is and I WILL WIN IT. WATCH ME.

My sister Leilani and friend Katherine are starting a "Mile-a-day" Running Challenge to raise money for cancer & diabetes prevention & research. How it works: People donate money for the cause (cancer or diabetes) and the girls (and friends) run at least a mile a day. They are doing a blog and vlog documenting their journey: Today we each ran a mile at the local middle school track at 3pm in the afternoon.

Our times:
Katherine- 12 minutes & 20 seconds
Leilani- 12 minutes & 45 seconds
Maureen- 12 minutes & 30 seconds

I think that our times were pretty good considering it was 3pm in the afternoon and the sun was up so high. We recorded the running for their vlog. Can't wait to see it! If you are interested in the cause feel free to check out their blog or email me : ).

Today I also did a warm-up walk on the track and stretching. I was going to go to the gym afterwards for cardio, but life things happen. It's a challenge because my family comes first. My sister, brother, and I with our parents take care of our elderly grandparents. It's tough because you want to work out, but they might need you to do something first or last minute as you try to walk out the door, which then delays or makes you adapt your workout for the day. This is why I have decided that EARLY morning workouts are the best way to go, especially since I start boot camp again on Monday & work in San Mateo. Luckily for me graduate school doesn't start up again until January 20th.

Need a catch up? If you are familiar with the Bay Area then kudos to you, but if not feel free to GOOGLE the distances. What do I mean? Well I live and workout (boot camp, gym, running, etc.) in San Jose. I work full-time in San Mateo, however the high school sites I work at are in Pacifica and Daly City. I attend graduate school working on an MBA degree (Masters in Business Administration in Global Management) at my alma mater Dominican University of California in San Rafael (Marin County-across the Golden Gate Bridge). Yes I am a professional commuter, which makes weight loss and general living challenging since I spend a lot of time in my car.

But I digress...

I am ending my vacation from work soon. In fact I go back to work on January 4th. I am looking forward to it, but in the meantime I need to finish cleaning, organizing, & purging my fat clothes. YAAAAAY donations to Silicon Valley Goodwill!

Until next entry,

FFF Diva Mo


  1. Good luck! I think it's a great way to stay motivated and accountable by blogging each day through the challenge. You can do this!!

  2. good luck! i love challenges to kick my butt into gear :)


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