Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FFF Diva Advice: "Lunch Portion Control"

Portion Control - Lunch from JudyDoherty on Vimeo.

Here is a fun video about portion control for lunch. Most people think “sandwich.” But if you don’t pack it yourself, you can get in a lot of trouble. Portion distortion for lunch is practiced in almost every restaurant and deli every day. If you skipped breakfast and make the wrong decision for lunch it can result in a lot of calories, sodium and fat consumed.

The next time you think you have a great sandwich – perform a dissection – what do you have? Usually a whole plate of bread that is probably 4-8 servings, a pile of fatty deli meat that is laced with sodium, some cheese and a tiny pile of lettuce that probably doesn’t count all that much toward your daily vegetable intake that is recommended by the good folks at MyPyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The video above shows a better recipe for lunch for far fewer calories and the same volume of food.

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  1. Unfortunately, the video doesn't work. But I get the point. I did a post about portion control today too. I found your site through 20sb and I'm definitely going to follow. I've been looking for more weight loss blogger buddies out there to keep each other motivated.


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