Thursday, August 20, 2009

FFF Diva Activity: "Pinball Wizard" FLASH MOB in San Francisco 2009

The Fierce Fat Filipinas are back at it again! My sister and fellow FFF Diva participated with me and two of our friends in a FLASH MOB in San Francisco. SF is doing a production of the musical TOMMY in the fall ( and this performance in the middle of Union Square was for promotion of it. This video is by the Press Democrat.

Another flash mob video by Wolfgang's Vault. You can hear Leilani laughing & at the end of the video you can hear me ask a friend if he wants fro-yo.

BOTTOMLINE: You don't need your size to stop or prevent you from dancing your heart out. However, if you focus on your health dancing will be a lot more me. I dance to melt the pounds away AND because I want to be better at it. Not just "Dancing with the Stars" good, just "Maureen I am happy because I am healthy and I CAN shake it" good.

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