Thursday, September 3, 2009

FFF Diva Activity: Running the San Francisco Plate to Plate 5K Race at AT&T Park (8.31.09)

This photo is directly on the field of AT&T Park. The MOST EXCITING part of this race is the fact you run around the bases and jump onto homeplate! It was very exciting and thrilling to be running on the field with the spongy grass underneath my feet and running my fingers along the padded walls surrounding the field.
FFF Diva Activity: I wore my OPERATION BOOT CAMP shirt to represent! Last time I ran a 5K race was in May 2009 for the Marin Human Race. During that race I ran it in about 52 minutes. For the San Francisco Plate to Plate I ran it in about 42 minutes! PROGRESS! P.S. GOOOO GIANTS!

I am honestly surprised at how well I did for this race. We started at McCovey Cove, ran across Lefty O'Toole's Bridge, down Embarcadero, did a u-turn up Embarcadero, ran into AT&T Park, ran around ALL OF THE BASES, and landed on homeplate.

The month of August was my best month of morning cardio boot camp. Special thanks to the OPERATION BOOT CAMP staff and campers. At the beginning of the month I ran my personal mile at 14 minutes and 30 seconds. After 30 days I ran it again at 13 minutes and 26 seconds. For the end of September camp I will get it under 13 minutes! Watch me. I attended ALL days of camp last month accept for when I went to Washington D.C. for work for a week & when I trained an international delegation for the U.S. Department of State in San Francisco---work related of course. I am so stoked for my improvements this month!

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