Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The little things...

The little things. Man I miss the little things such as a diverse food diet, but I will explain more about that next blog. Let's just say I am suffering from "low caloric intake" as my youth intern says at our office. Every time he notices I am a little out of it he offers me water, a bar, or a shake---sometimes all three. However like I stated before, I will detail it out next round.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! I know I did while I was in Las Vegas for a family reunion I strayed away as much as I could from the two sinful things: alcohol & buffets. I think I did pretty well AND got a lot of dancing done! Pictures soon to follow in an upcoming blog. : )

To close---for inspiration, since I can't eat regulary for awhile, I would like to share an email I received from my Operation Boot Camp staff this morning:

Greetings Everyone,

Todays Mission: Go on YouTube and do a search on ways to "rehab" or "stretch" the muscle group / area of your body that is sore or achy. Learn to troubleshoot your body! Whether it be shin splints, calf tightness, knee pain, shoulder pain, or something else- use YouTube as a resource!! ;)

Did you know it is the little changes you make that make the most difference in your eating habits and in your life? Little things, like 2% milk in coffee rather than cream or Splenda instead of sugar. It is the small things that add up to be big numbers at the end of the day.

Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?

The USDA recommends 65 grams of fat per day. 65 grams is quite low if you think about it. Some meals we eat sometimes have 65 grams of fat in them alone. Which means if you have one meal that has contains 65 grams of fat you will have to eat light for the rest of the day or only eat that one meal which we do not recommend.

The little things add up, so if you begin to change the little things, they will add up to big gains in the long run.

Let's take a glance on how fat adds up.

Part of your daily intake might include the following foods:

(2) Cups of Coffee with Cream (cream has 3 grams per oz) = 6 grams

(1) Sandwich with (1) Slice of cheese (American Cheese, 1 slice) = 8 grams

(1) Same Sandwich with mayonnaise (2 tablespoons) = 8 grams

(1) Roll with (1) pat of butter = 4 grams

(1) Salad with Caesar dressing (2 tablespoons of dressing) = 16 grams

Just adding up the small things (not even the meat on the sandwich or the contents of the salad) you have 42 grams of fat that could easily be reduced. Remember you are only recommended to have 65 per day, so you could be already more than half way there with 2 cups of coffee, a sandwich, a salad and a dinner roll.

My suggestions:

(1) cup of coffee with 2% milk = 2 grams

(1) Sandwich with no cheese and mustard = 0 grams from cheese or mayo

(1) Roll no butter, maybe a little olive oil = 0 grams from butter

(1) Salad with Vinaigrette dressing = 4 grams from the dressing

With substitutions you are at 6 grams with the coffee, the sandwich, the roll and the salad. I would say you are doing pretty well without having to alter every meal you eat - you just have to change the little things to see a big difference. Skimping on the small things means you do not have to give up the big things! You can also do this exercise with carbs and protein to make sure you are getting the correct amounts. Choosing good fats also makes a huge difference. For instance, the fat in an avocado is much better source of unsaturated fat than the saturated fat in french fries!

Keep this in mind the next time you are ordering or making food. Eating habits have to change subtly in order for you to stick to them. If you make drastic changes and cut out all the things you like, you will hate that you cannot have this or that and will return to the same eating habits you have always been accustomed to. This is called “fad dieting” and we want you to eat for life, not for the moment.

Go forth in good food choices.

The Boot Camp Staff

Ronny Varghese
Director of Operations
Operation Boot Camp - San Jose
1-888-7-FIT NOW (734-8669)

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