Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FFF Diva Advice: We Only Have to Survive 3 More Days, Not a Month

This week we do not have Operation Boot Camp because it is the Turkey Day week. All I have to say is that I have been nervous ALL week because I don't want to gain holiday weight. On Monday I did boot camp HW (various substitute exercises), tackled the jump rope, and cardio on the bicycle. Tuesday I did more boot camp HW, cardio on the elliptical, and jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Who knows what I will do tomorrow, AKA today. I just know that I want to be in my 230s lbs by November 30. This will happen...

Below is some advice from my trainer Ronny...I actually feel it is good sound advice:

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you ALL for another great month at camp. Going into the holidays is a fun awesome thing, but can also be dangerous to our bodies if we don't act right!

Keep in mind - we only have to get through 3 more days- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years- not 21 days! If we only cheat on those three days, we will still be able to make some progress during our time off, but if we allow EVERY opportunity for work parties, get togethers, social gatherings, to be revolving around crap food- we may be in trouble.

Your Assignment: I know we are out of camp, but I DID want to send leave you guys with a little thing to keep in mind - we only have 3 days to get through. Follow the plan through the other days of this week, and do not allow yourself 6 Thanksgiving Dinners/Lunchs/Breakfast - only ONE. If you happen to be doing 2 Turkey days at separate houses, then eating accordingly with proper portions. Don't fall into the stats and start the uphill scale tip of 12 pounds the week you have off from camp! EAT YOUR VEGGIES!! :)

Thanks again guys... I hope you use some of the tools we've learned in camp to push us through the week!

Ronny Varghese
Director of Operations
Operation Boot Camp - San Jose
1-888-7-FIT NOW (734-8669)

So to combat the pounds I have decided to run the 10K (6.2 miles) portion of the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving morning. Registration is still being accepted even the day of:

Anyways time for bed...I have the gym early in the morning!

FFF Diva Miss Mo

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