Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FFF Diva Song of the Day: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Beyonce performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Recently, a friend of mine have me a pep talk. I wasn't feeling like myself and I felt that I was in a slump. She told me that I needed to just change my perspective on life. Did I want to do it the Beyonce way or the Jennifer Hudson way? I looked at her with a confused look and instead of explaining it to me she said she would just let me listen and judge for myself.

Above are YOUtube clips of the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" being performed by Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. When Beyonce sings her version it is beautiful, soft, & flowery. However, when Jennifer Hudson sings her version it is real, passionate, gritty, & full of love, pain, sorrow, etc. In the end I decided that I want to live my life the Jennifer Hudson way: real and full of passion.

Who knew it would take a song comparison of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to show me that...

So do you want to be a Beyonce or a Jennifer Hudson?

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