Monday, February 22, 2010

FFF Diva Operation Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Competition: DAY 53

Day 53...

Hello FFF Diva fans and followers! As I am writing this post I am realizing it's been quite some time (that's an understatement) since I wrote a post about my competition progress. I guess lately I have been trying to keep up motivation by posting motivational/inspirational videos and advice instead. Haha. Anyways below are some bullets of accomplishment halfway through my 90 day competition:

1. I ran a 5K race in January (about 45 minutes) and a 10K race in February (1:36:19). Ran the whole time during both races!
2. Fastest mile personal record is 12:17 (achieved in December '09). PR in January 13:10. PR in February around 12:45. Let's see how I do with my PT test this Friday!
3. Since the beginning of the competition I lost 2% body fat and gained 6 lbs of muscle! AMAZING!
4. I kick ass in multiple ball glow in the dark (boot camp is at 6am) soccer! REALLY. NON-STOP MOVEMENT.
5. I ran on the treadmill for 9 minutes straight at a speed of 5.0. Almost averaged a 12 minute mile. Will try again soon!
6. I have a goal of running 1,010 miles in 2010. Last month I ran 84 miles. So far I have clocked in more than 120 miles! It would have been more, but I got sick. Will catch up!

Here comes the LENT: What I am ADDING TO MY LIFE...because I am sooooooooo busy. Boo.
1. Sleep at least 7 hours a night
2. Sundays are reserved for ONLY family day
3. read at least 3 books for pleasure

At the beginning of the body fat competition:

Current photo during the body fat competition: 2% body fat loss, 6 lbs muscle gain

MY PERSONAL HAPPINESS: My new boyfriend Tyler...(long distance in So-Cal, while I am in Nor-Cal)

I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the competition! LIFE is AMAZING! I can't wait for the L.A. Marathon (26.2 miles) on March 21st! March 21st = my 25th birthday! Way to celebrate!

More regular updates to come...

Dedicated to your health,
FFF Diva Mo

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