Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FFF Diva Mo: Markers of Accomplishment (Can't stop the MO-mentum now!)

There have been many times during my weight loss journey that I just wanted to settle. For example: "Hey Mo! You used to be 320 lbs at age 22 & have Sleep Apnea! Even though you have been going back & forth in the 250s lbs that's good enough at 25years old and you don't have Sleep Apnea anymore!" This time I am going to put my foot down and say HELL NO! I started my weight loss journey at 320 lbs back in 2007:

Finally in May 2007 I joined a gym, got a trainer, started eating healthy, and dropped almost 96 lbs in the first year and a half. The first time I hit my 250s was during March 2008 on my first Mexican cruise with friends:

Since March 2008 until today September 2010 I have yo-yoed between 252 lbs - 283 lbs respectively. In Summer 2009 I was in my 280s lbs again and so to change it up I left personal training and decided to join an outdoor cardio boot camp instead called Operation Boot Camp. It changed my life. I ran my first 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, and full marathon all in less than a year & before my 25th birthday (March 2010). Although in December 2009 I was finally 239 lbs, today my weight has crept back up to 249 lbs (yo-yo'ing between 245-255 lbs respectively in the last 2 months):

My Operation Boot Camp Family have changed my life for the better. They are my support system. They are my motivation. They are my inspiration to keep going. I have great instructors like my old personal trainer Ronny, and OBC Ladies (Jill, Karen, Missy, Lakshmi, Sophie, and Chrissie just to name a few), and of course my idol Melody (Ronny's wife) who has the most awesome arms you have ever seen. I drool everyday for them. These folks are my friends & they understand what I am going through--especially since we work out at Hellyer Park together M-F at 6 AM in the morning. EVERYDAY. Below is a photo of our most recent race together. Run Until the End of Summer 5K/10K in San Jose, CA:

OBC Back of the Bus Crew:

Although I have been losing & gaining & losing & gaining over the year I realized that there are many ways to track weight loss progress. It's not just the number on the scale! Why? Because muscle weighs more than fat! Duh! That's why it's important to do a Hydrostatic water dunk (see fat % and lean muscle % breakdown), measure inches with a tape measure, see pant sizes, and also how your cardio exercise has improved (running, swimming, etc.). With that is my last photo for today's entry:

I haven't bought a ring since 2007 (size 10). On Saturday I broke down and bought this ring and it was a size 7! I almost died. Although my weight loss journeys has its ups and downs it's small reminders such as my new size 7 ring, that I never want to be 320 lbs. again. NEVER, EVER AGAIN!

It is my hope that my journey can keep you motivated, excited, and inspired to either start a healthier journey of your own or to refocus your journey to your end goal(s) whatever they may be. As for me, although I have come a long way I still have another 100 lbs to go but this time I won't care how long it takes me, because I know I am doing it right--the healthy way--one step at a time--one mile at a time--one day at a time. I hope you do too!

All the best,
FFF Diva Mo


  1. What an awesome post! And you are so right about the number on the scale not being everything. Congrats on your accomplishments thus far....I'll be cheering you on the rest of the way.

  2. Great Job Mo.. I can see a different look in your eyes, like nothing will stop you this time and I know that you will accomplish your goals. Keep you the good work and just keep pushing...

  3. hey ate! i love u and u hella inspire me. keep up the good work and no matter where i am in the world, i'm always here rooting for u. :)


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