Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new addiction: RUNNING

RUNNING: The FINAL frontier. These are the running adventures of a young fat woman trying to lose weight named MO. Mo's mission for the next 6 months is to train to run a half marathon in October and eventually a marathon within the next year in Hawaii. This running mission is to explore strange new leg pains; to seek out new life with significant weight loss and new positve body image affirmations; to boldly go where no young and fat Filipina has gone before.

Okay, so with the slight Trekkie tribute you can tell I watched the newest movie rendition of Star Trek. Haha. By the way it totally rocked: WATCH IT!

Where was I? Ah yes, running.

This past Saturday my sister Leilani, my cousin Ate Lisa, and my friend Cecille (among other co-workers) ran the 5K Marin Human Race. This was the first time I had ever run a long distance, especially outdoors (huge difference).

I was running with experienced/trained runners:
1. Leilani ran a 1/2 marathon last October--cold turkey, no training
2. Ate Lisa ran the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles) 5 years ago
3. Cecille is training to run the 12K Bay to Breakers this Sunday
4. And then there was me who never really ran accept for a Sanrio Hello Kitty sale.

Out of 685 possible timed runners I was #637 on that list! I ran 5K (3.1 miles) in 52 minutes and 27 seconds. I was sooooooo proud. Next 5K I will definitely beat that time!

In any case I am making a pledge to myself of goals for the next 6+ months:
1. Run 3 miles a day inside the gym on the treadmill (however, try to run outdoors if possible).
2. If I can't go to the gym and run, then run 3 miles outside, however if that is not possible at least run 1 mile for TIME.
3. Train to run the San Jose Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in October 2009.
4. Train to run the Honolulu Marathon 10K portion in December 2009.
6. Go to Operation Boot Camp EVERY DAY.
7. Buy a new pair of running shoes when I reach 500 miles.
8. Purchase new insole inserts especially for my shoes that are flats.

I believe there are more goals, but I think that this a good start for now.

Below are links for more information about the races I want to participate in AND the overall results of the Marin Human Race.

Marin Human Race Overall Results:

San Jose Rock n' Roll Half Marathon:

Honolulu Marathon:

Quote of the Day: (this is printed on my blogging ideas journal from a close friend)
"She discovered her real measurements had nothing to do with numbers or statistics."

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