Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FFF Diva Advice: Words of Wisdom from Operation Boot Camp

Morning! If you are anything like me, some mornings you might wake up wondering how you got coerced to dress at 5am and head out into the foggy, damp park in the pitch black. My friends think I'm nuts...and while I am a bit crazy for sure, they are the ones missing out!! Bottom line is you will NEVER regret a workout. Don't forget how lucky we are to be able to walk, run, sweat, and move our bodies. It's a huge blessing - never take it for granted!

Some reminders: Speaking of our friends thinking we are crazy, Tomorrow is Bring a Friend Day! If you know someone you will be bringing out, do shoot me their emails so I can drop them a note. Please try to get your friends to camp by 5:45 at the very latest so that we can get their waiver signed and start the workout on time. This Saturday Preview workout and Runner's Workshop is at 8:15 - bring your friends again! The Grad Party is next Thursday night, the 28th. If you did not receive the Evite, please let me know.

While enjoying my coffee this AM, I did a little research for us :) Here are a few nutritional thoughts....

The Starbuck's Yogurt Parfait has 300 calories (ok, not bad for a breakfast or mini-meal) but packs 39grams of sugar!! To put that in reference, a full size Snickers bar (no not the mini halloween size!) has 29 grams of sugar! There are certainly worse things to eat at starbucks than the yogurt parfait (pretty much any scone or cookie will make the parfait look much better!) but still not a great choice at all. Cutting our sugar addiction doesn't mean simply cutting the candy and doughnuts. Watch out for granola, granola bars, sweetened yogurt, bagels....etc.
Ok, so you are at Starbucks and in addition to needing the morning caffeine kick, you are starving, and didn't have time to make breakfast. better options:

--> Lowfat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with 330 calories, 20 calories from protein and only 5 grams of sugar. Downside: 820 mg of sodium (we are supposed to consume around 1500 mg daily, and no more than 2000!)

-->Protein Plate with 330 calories, 540 mg sodium, 16 grams protein, 15 grams sugar (mostly from fruit). toss the yolk from the egg and cut some cholesterol and calories too!

-->Oatmeal with 140 calories (but of course the toppings of nuts and raisins will add sugar and calories!) and 5 grams of protein. We recommend you sprinkle some nuts and raisins, no sugar, and add 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder

With the vast nutritional info available online these days, in addition to the law that restaurants with over 3 franchises HAVE to supply nutritional info, we do not have to be in the dark about what we are eating anymore. However, keep in mind that although restaurants are legally required to provide this info, they are NOT monitored as to their analysis of their foods. It is safe to say that many of the calorie counts are HIGHER than shown. Ugh...right? Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is the key to change!!

-Melody Miser and the Bootcamp Staff

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