Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FFF Diva Inspiration: My Brother Paul Anthony

My brother's journey. My brother's words. He is 21 years old and used to weight 330 lbs. I am 25 years old and used to weigh 320 lbs. My sister Leilani is 24 years old and used to weigh 283 lbs. In the last 2 years we have lost almost 300 lbs in total AND COUNTING.

LOL. So on Monday 10.18.10, I went to the Hospital because of chest pain and shoulder pain. It turns out my body is just tired, the chest pain was muscular. The shoulder with the numbness and tingling was because of as pinched nerve.

Anyway the cute girl at the Pharmacy stared at each of my id's for 2 mins each. She asked me what my birthday was and I was like it's on my license and she is like you don't look like your license. [= I actually weigh less than my license I BS ofcourse before. Also, I then showed her my B.O.A. card which I was 12 when I took that picture and that doesn't look like me neither. She was confused.

These scrubs fit flush in April. And no they are not elastic Michael Truong.

I got this as a gift in Junior Year in High School. I could never fit it. Now it's too big [=

My brother recently wrote this on his Facebook:

I am thinking of writing out all my thoughts of being overweight.

Thanks for everyones support!
Especially Steve Vuong, Denndy Nguyen, Michael Truong, and John Ramirez for being my trainers and first line of support at the gym.

I also thank my Sisters, because they lost weight, it gave that so could I mentality.

I learned it doesn't matter if it's hard or easy...being my size it's all going to be hard so I just fcuking do it. [=

I wrote this to him in response:
There are times when I feel unmotivated. You have reinspired me in the best way possible. Thanks for all our late night sibling couch health chats. All 3 of us (Leilani in spirit since she's in Texas) have come such a long way. We used to be HUGE people. Between the three of us we have lost almost 300 lbs in the last 2 yrs. That is a major accomplishment and in the process we have gained mutual respect among each other as siblings. We have been to obesity hell and back. No one will understand that accept us. ♥ you. So proud!

I am such a proud sister. You don't even understand. Although my brother said that my weight loss journey kept HIM going, his weight loss journey has really kept ME going. And for that I am thankful to him.

In health,
<3 FFF Diva Mo

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