Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FFF Diva Reflection: "Reward Myself with Stuff, Not Food" System

Mo's "Reward myself with stuff, not food" System: THE STORY

I had a really great ♥ to ♥ with my Operation Boot Camp instructor Melody this morning after camp. She asked me a really honest question: "What do you reward yourself with?" My answer: "Ummm food." Mel responded: "It's time to reward yourself differently. For example I reward myself with pedicures. Don't let your reward force you to take a step backwards in your progress."

Mo's "Reward myself with stuff, not food" System: THE REWARD

I lost 10 lbs. since last month and kept it off (even during the holiday!). As a reward I finally bought myself a runner's Garmin GPS watch to track my speed and mileage. My reward for the next 10 lbs. loss: a brand new pair of running shoes. "Success belongs to those who want it and believe it." Boy do I believe it!

Garmin - Forerunner 305 GPS: "Maximize your workout productivity with this GPS training wristwatch that allows you to keep track of your calories burned and workout pace."

Following a rigorous exercise plan is not a problem for me. Following a clean eating plan and pre-planning my caloric intake for the day/week HUGE PROBLEM for me. Finally I got it under SOME control this past month and survived the first holiday with lbs. lost, not lbs. gained. However, I need to keep this gravy train going and it's going to be with actual activity or item rewards instead of food rewards!

Last month: 258 lbs.
Today 12/15: 248 lbs.

Next 5 reward goals (10 lbs. less):
238 = New pair of running shoes
228 = New pair of running pants
218 = A full body massage
208 = Mini training package of sessions with a personal gym trainer
198 = My 1st tattoo celebrating my weight loss when I hit under 200 lbs. for the first time since I was 18 years old. I turn 26 this coming March.

Overall goal weight is 145 lbs., however I am NOT even going to think of that number. Small steps. I am going to think: "MO, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET UNDER 200 lbs.? NOW DO IT." And YOU can DO IT too. I believe in you.

<3 FFF Diva Mo

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  1. Some other great stuff to do for the day to day times where-if you're like me-you may lean towards rewarding yourself or comforting yourself with food are flowers downloading a cd or track, new lipstick/polish, fun socks, stickers anything. For me the regular little rewards and comfort in my day to day are even more important to focus on then the big ones. Keep it up Girl! JoJo


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