Thursday, June 4, 2009

I feel like I am back in the game

I feel like I am back in the game, and I will tell you why...

Each month I participate in a monthly 6am cardio boot camp at Hellyer Park in San Jose. At the beginning of each monthly session we are required to take a physical fitness test (PT) and then again at the end of the month to see what difference was achieved. Today was our PT test for the month of May (our May session ran into June).

One of the things I love AND dread the most is the timed 1 mile run. It is one thing to run indoors on a treadmill and then again to run outdoors around a lake at 6am in the morning on an empty stomach. Did I also mention that I never really stretch properly? Well, that's important to mention too. Ugh.

How did I do?


The History of Maureen's Running Times:

1) Best mile time ever achieved in high school: 8 min 30 sec
2) Mile time acheived during 5K Marin Human Race: 16 min 35 sec
3) Best mile time ever achieved on a treadmill: 14 min 45 sec
4) Mile time achieved at the beginning of May's boot camp: 15 min 45 sec

5) MILE TIME ACHIEVED TODAY: 14 min 15 sec!!!

All I can say is that I am super psyched. Progress is happening slowly but surely! YES!!!

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