Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation Boot Camp: The Veteran Challenge

As a veteran boot camper I needed to post this email from my trainer as a reminder NOT to be slacking off during camp. I need to push and challenge myself. UGH. It all starts again at 5:30am tomorrow...

Operation Boot Camp: The Veteran Challenge

Greetings, Veterans!

We have new veterans amongst our ranks... and as veterans, we need to be challenged EVEN MORE.

I bet you thought you were not going to get any e-mails, oh were you wrong!

We, the Hellyer Park Instructors, challenge you, the veteran campers, to:

Run faster

Jump Higher

Squat Lower

Sing Louder

Push Your Limits

Show us What you are Made of

Share Your Knowledge

Learn Something New

Ask us for What YOU need.

We are excited to have you back for another camp. We love to watch your progress!

See you on your best behavior!

The Boot Camp Staff

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