Sunday, June 28, 2009

PLEASE HELP the FFF Divas (Maureen & Leilani) get onto NBC's Biggest Loser show!

What are FFF Divas? Leilani and Maureen De Nieva! "Fierce, Fat, and Filipina!" What would we like to be AFTER we lose our weight loss? "Fierce, Fit, and Filipina!" : )

My sister Leilani and I on a whim decided to audition for NBC's The Biggest Loser Season 9 (family edition). We were in San Jose since 1:30pm until about 5:45pm yesterday. Within 15 minutes of leaving then auditio site I got a call from the Biggest Loser staff that we made it to the next round! WE HAVE CALL BACK AUDITIONS! : )

Leilani Stats: (in adulthood)
Current weight: 250lbs.
Lowest weight: at the age of 22 at 235lbs.
Heaviest weight: at the age of 18 at 268lbs.
Age: 23 years old
Largest size: 20
Current Size: 16/18

Maureen Stats: (in adulthood)
Current weight: 267lbs.
Lowest weight: November 2008 at 224lbs.
Heaviest weight: 320lbs at age 22 years old.
Age: 24 years old
Largest size: 28
Current size: 18/20

We can't believe we made it this far and it's only because of your love and support! Thanks so much!!!

HOWEVER many friends and family have asked how they can help us for our callback audition this TUESDAY. WANT US TO BE ON NBC's THE BIGGEST LOSER? HERE IS HOW:

Please write at least (feel free to write more) a paragraph letter of recommendation for us. Feel free to use the guidelines and topics below to help:

1. Why do Leilani and Maureen make an ideal team? Why would they succeed together on the Biggest Loser?
2. How has Maureen and Leilani's weight loss journey inspired or affected you personally about your own health?
3. How do you know Maureen and Leilani?
4. Why should Maureen and Leilani BE ON THE SHOW?!

Please either reply to this Facebook note with your paragraph/letter or email it BOTH email addresses:


DEADLINE: Tuesday, June 30th by 2pm.

GOAL: We want at least 100 letters of support from all of our friends and family. We want to print them to bring into our audition this coming Tuesday at 5pm. We want to prove with PRINTED LETTERS/EMAILS that people care about our lives, but also believe we can benefit from being on this show.

Please pass this note/email/tweet/blog along to them to help! : )

Maureen and Leilani ^_^


  1. I'm on it, good luck you two!

  2. CONGRATS! I'd love to see you and your sister in it!! Go Filipinas!!


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