Sunday, October 11, 2009

FFF Diva Motivation: Get Your Mind Right!

Lately in Operation Boot Camp us individual campers have been slacking and making excuses. Although it is NOT all of us who are slacking if one slacks off then it brings down the whole group, you know? Below is a "Come to Jesus Talk" type of email from our OBC staff. Last Monday I didn't go to camp because we had an official day off. Last Tuesday I didn't go to camp because I was still extremely sore from the 1/2 marathon race I ran last Sunday. Whew. Last week was definitely a rough week. I will say that this email was great in helping me set SMART goals for the future. Want to know what I mean? Read on and find out...

Mo--FFF Diva Indeed 

Hey guys,

This morning was a rude awakening for some of you! I don't know what happened with it, but it made me do some soul searching!! A couple of announcements for today...

First: We will be CHANGING the day off from Monday in week 4 to WEDNESDAY in Week 4, please make a note of it. We WILL HAVE CLASS MONDAY of WEEK 4, but NOT WEDNESDAY.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about getting your MIND RIGHT. When we come to camp, we MUST find a way to get out heads on straight, and get our game faces on. When you are at work, and you are about to go into a meeting with the owner of the company regarding a possible promotion or termination, you don't go in with all the baggage of what's going on at home, who's winning the game, what homework you still have to do, or hoping that your kids are doing good in school. 

You come in like Babe Ruth coming to the plate, game face is on, eyes are on the target, ready to knock it out of the park! If you don't, you may lose your job... you can NOT chance thinking about anything else nor giving a half effort into a meeting like that!

If you haven't already guessed, I'm not talking about how to do better at work... I'm talking about something MUCH more important. 

I'm talking about your life.

Not just at boot camp, but at home, while your at work, when you are at a social gathering with your friends. You NEED to have your game face on. If you read my email yesterday, I mentioned that you MODEL the abstract habits in life for your kids and loved ones: discipline, determination, hard work, love, and of course, HEALTH. People around you KNOW you are involved in a boot camp... how will you use the tools that we provide you? Are you showing your family what hard work is all about? Are you flexing your discipline muscle? Are you being that inspiration to people who are THINKING about changing their lives around!? 

I'm asking you guys to put on your game faces, on and OFF the court. Do you understand that EVERYTHING in life effects the way you look and feel? One of the most important things about boot camp is that not only do we try our hardest to kill ya every morning (disclaimer: we do it cuz we care;)) but we want to see you succeed in life OUTSIDE of camp as well. This includes the willingness to do homework, the motivation to do the things you DON'T want to do when not at camp, and setting the example for people around you! We are providing the roadmap to healthy living and the fitness lifestyle, but YOU NEED TO WALK IT!!

There is NO such thing as people taking the magic pill to lose weight and have an incredible workout ethic! Wanna lose weight fast, well I hear gastric bypass is great! anyone ever see someone who's done that??? No thanks. This IS the real magic pill... THIS IS THE ROADMAP. 

How many of you have heard a story about someone losing an incredible amount of weight, getting addicted to the fitness drug, and leading healthy lives living till their like 500 yrs old? Well, maybe not 500, but you know... ALL the biggest loser winners, all the Jarrods from Subway... I have the secret that had made every one of those success stories possible. Each and EVERY single person did this in order to make the change they did. Wanna know what it is?

They made a decision. They were sick n tired of being sick n tired. They got their heads on right. They got on a program and they stuck it out, giving it their ALL every frickin time! They endured the pain, they said NO to the cake, they drove past the drive thrus, they worked hard and they worked SMART. Thats what this is all about... getting your head right and being SMART about your lives. I know we have given you the SMART acronym for your goals, but here's the S.M.A.R.T acronym to get your heads right and stay motivated and on point. 
This is the SMART skill set:

Set a clear, achievable goal - Set a realistic, specific, and measurable goal.  Not "I will eat healthier" but  "I will increase my vegetables, I will have two servings for lunch and two servings for dinner 5 - 7 days/wk" 
Monitor your progress - Keep track of what you do (i.e. food log, exercise journal, pedometer, HR monitor)
Arrange your world for success - Create reminders for healthy eating around you.  Have your food log handy, keep trigger foods out of the house, take healthy snacks/meals to work or school.
Recruit a support team - Enlist the help of others.  Let those who want to  see you succeed know what you're trying to achieve.  Consider your family, friends, and colleagues as your potential support team..
Treat yourself - Reward yourself every time you do the eating or exercise behavior you have targeted.  Select a "treat" that is important to you, readily available, and not costly. DO NOT REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD!!!

"Success is not a destination, it is a journey"

Work through the burn n I'll see you at the top...

Committed to your success,

The Boot Camp Staff

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