Monday, October 12, 2009

FFF Diva Plateau Breakthrough: Progress Update through Photos

Dolores and myself at the October 2009 Yelp Elite Prom on a Boat: 248lbs. PROGRESS!!!! Breaking through the plateau one pound at a time! I started in May 2007 at 320lbs. and lost 96lbs. In November 2008 I was 224lbs and in May 2009 I gained about 50lbs of what I lost back. Just because you gain some weight back DOES NOT mean you can't move forward and lose again! Time to make it happen and keep it off for the long term!

Myself and the girls at Nicole's Bridal Shower in August 2007: around 300lbs.

My cousin Jeremy and myself at a family wedding in June 2007: around 320lbs.

With Nicole and Denise for her bridal dress fitting in Summer 2007: around 310lbs.

Another view shot...

Marisa and myself celebrating her college graduation in June 2009: around 270lbs.

Myself at Wicked in San Francisco in June 2009: A long view.

Myself with the gang at La Roux for Memorial Day weekend in May 2009: around 275lbs.

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