Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FFF Diva Activity: Operation Boot Camp in the Rain

This week at Operation Boot Camp we are experiencing exercise in the rain! Did I fail to mention that we participate in boot camp rain or shine? Feel sorry for us? Well don't! I am just glad we aren't on the East Coast experiencing snow! I am definitely fine and dandy with warm rain and moist grass.

Today was absolutely fantastic, because we did so much ground work such as sit-ups and bear crawls. At camp thought I joke around that an added bonus to boot camp is STAR GAZING, mainly because it's 1) still dark outside that the stars are out 2) we are on our backs doing sit-ups, etc. staring at the sky!

The below email is from my trainer Ronny from earlier this week. Apparently Monday and Tuesday camp was SUPER WET and RAINY. Unfortunately I was not there because I was at home sick. P.S. Make sure you get enough sleep each night or else it hurts your body! I like the email because it's so motivating to help break through a challenge, especially if it involves rain and puddles.

Read will see what I mean...

FFF Diva Mo

Hello Campers!

This morning was fun wasn't it?? No? Maybe you thought it was uncomfortable, maybe it would be nicer if you were sitting on a nice suede warm couch sipping on some hot chocolate...?

Eh! I hope you didn't answer "hell yea!" to that, thats the wrong answer!! It was a trick question, of course lol...
I was thinking about the workout today and how it was our FIRST Operation Boot Camp - San Jose rainy day camp. I was thinking about the common attitude that we have as people, when it comes to ANYTHING that we do not typically do throughout our lives. Rainy weather and water is one of them...

Do you remember a time... when you were a child and going out in the rain puddle jumping and getting all dirty was a fun thing? Not paying regard to the way that we'd be afterward, we had a singular care just about the "now" and having a good time, being lost in the moment of activity. Somewhere between being a child and being all grown up- there was a paradigm shift in our perceptions of "comfort" and "fun". It no longer is about not paying mind to the way you look and being active, now its more about alcohol and social dinners and clubs and all this other unhealthy stuff, that eventually catches up to us and causes us, as a country and society, to be the most obese in this world.

Although everyone was a trooper this morning and got through the workout well, I know it the back of everyone's mind, there's the "uuughghh... i hate the rain" talk cycling through their heads, in one form or the other. Well, when you think about it, that same voice is saying something else when you are out of breath from running sprints up hill, for when you're doing squats when you're legs are jello, or you can't feel your arms and you feel like you got nothing left when doing pushups. Just now, the only real difference is that this is a new thing that I'm sure all of us "hate getting wet" attitude that we've had when its rainy season through our adult lives.

I know I one point anyway.

The point is this... ITS LIFE. Life doesn't provide you with the situation of "the right time and the right place" - YOU DO. there will ALWAYS be something that will make your journey difficult. Whether it be that you hate pushups, you're uncomfortable being cold, or you can't stand eating healthy food - they all require a change in mindset... The "right place and right time" is a self-fulfilling philosophy. NOW is the best time to get in shape, and lose the unwanted fat. Stay in with the habits and WORK THROUGH the mental difficulties as it relates to change. This is the right place and time! When you go into any situation with the relentless attitude and conviction of getting to your goals, you will normally achieve them. That simple, it really is. And when you buckle down when you might not be too excited - well guess what? its that much more rewarding and you will always remember that moment in life when you worked HARD for something you wanted - and you made no excuses, even the somewhat valid ones.

I know that everyone's experiencing first hand the "transition" of weather and environment by which we are working out in the morning, but guys- we are BLESSED. We live in California, this is the WORST it gets... thousands of people are experiencing MUCH much worse than we are around the country right now. I challenge you all to change your mindset the way that I have- to learn to have FUN with the rain.. embrace the beauty and nature of rain, rather than being mopey and complaining about it. Let's let that innerchild come out n play when we get to camp, pay no regard to weather but dress appropriately- and WORK HARD while at camp... please do not let the weather hold you back from life's most rewarding experiences - HEALTH. Don't pass it up.

Let's have fun with the weather transition guys... realize that you will never have AS good of a "right time and place" scenario as you do now. Especially now and the next 6 months. You have instructors than genuinely WANT to see you guys make the differences in your lives the way we all have, a program that's sets the stage for success, the nutritional guidance to keep you healthy, and you have obstacles that are testing your conviction and desire to get to your goals, as we all have as well. Work hard and be happy with what you see in the mirror! At the end of the day, week, month, or year,.. that's all thats left- no memories of rainy weather, no drama from family or friends, no work pressure and stress, and no temptations to eat cake at a birthday party- just you and yourself, in your birthday suit. Are you happy with the way you look? If not, it's completely up to you, and you alone to do something about it...

"The race is long, but in the end, it's only with yourself."

Committed to your success


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