Thursday, December 17, 2009

FFF Diva Reflection: YOU are losing weight for YOU

Below is a reflective explanation that was sent from my Ninong (godfather in Tagalog) to my Nanay (mom in Tagalog). I thought it was really beautiful, because it really captures what one experiences during their weight loss journey. So, whenever you get discouraged REMEMBER you are doing this for no one else except YOU.

FFF Diva Mo : )

"You can make a real difference just by being you. You can change the world for the better simply by being your authentic best.

You don't need flowery, sophisticated wording to add value to the discussion. By simply and sincerely saying what's on your mind, you can contribute profound truth.

The dreams that you have are yours because they give you a reason to perform at your best. In so doing, you add your own splendid threads to the rich fabric of life.

There is no one else who sees the world in exactly the same way as you.

Express your opinions, express your perspective, express your vision and you'll offer great, unique value.

You'll never be satisfied following someone else's dream. Real fulfillment comes from accomplishing the things that are most meaningful to you.

In your unique perspective you'll find a lifetime of value. Be the best of who you are, and raise your whole world higher."


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