Thursday, May 26, 2011

WLB4: Circle of Support

"The seed of an idea grows into a goal, and from the goal sprouts a plan. The plan blossoms into training and finally matures as racing fitness."
-Joe Henderson, The Complete Marathoner

During any weight loss journey or ANY journey a good circle of support is needed. I remember I took a weight loss management course through my local hospital and the intsuctor had us do an exercise about our "Circle of Support." In other words it was a visual list we had to write down of who was in our inner and outer circle of support. Is there a difference? YES! Let me explain...

Inner Circle: Usually family members or close friends. Could be your on-line weight loss community or your personal gym trainer. These folks are your cheerleaders no matter where you are in your journey. They only encourage and support the entire time. Key: THEY NEVER JUDGE YOU and YOUR DECISIONS.

Outer Circle: Usually co-workers or mean family members. Could be aquaintances from the past that stalk you on Facebook only to see if you are STILL fat. These folks are usually jealous of your journey. They "support" you by saying backhanded comments like "Wow, you lost 80 lbs! Congrats. But man are you still fat." Don't think those people exist? Well they do. Trust me. TSFR = true story for reals (another MO-ism). Key: THEY ALWAYS JUDGE and SABOTAGE YOU.

Since WLB Season 4 is a new journey for me I thought I would update my inner and outer circle of support system. Don't worry about the list of names. During the next 7 weeks you will get to know each individual or group I list and learn why each of them has made a significant impact on my life. By the way this list isn't in any particular order. = )

Inner Circle:
My brother Paul & sister Leilani
Operation Boot Camp Ladies
Jill, my current personal trainer
Ronny, my 1st personal trainer
Nicole, my college best friend who lives 4 hours away
Kramer, my male equivalent
My co-workers, seriously all of them
Marisa, my Goddaughter only via Catholicism
Kristin, fellow shrinking buddy and activist
Wilson, my college best friend who is a fashionista
Tyler, my ex-boyfriend who has become a better friend

Outer Circle:
Certain uncles who shall not be named
2 certain "friends" who shall not be named
My mother
My father
My grandfather(s)

Please note: I only put my parents and grandfather(s) into the outer circle because although they are supportive of me, they ALWAYS MAKE BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS. What is it about Filipinos where they try to say something nice, but it comes out SUPER NEGATIVE?! For example: "Are you running again? Maureen, I think you need to stop running. It could kill you. I know you need to lose weight because you are fat, but I don't think running competitively is the answer. How about weight loss surgery?" Yeah, that comment actually was said not once, not twice, but thrice in my lifetime. Les lame.

Moving forward...

What do you do with this list of folks? Well you keep it in your back pocket. If you know your mom is a trigger of emotional eating then don't spend time with her. If you need a weight loss buddy to try out a new Zumba class then reach out to your inner circle for a companion. This is why the list is helpful. = )


INNER CIRCLE OF SUPPORT SPOTLIGHT: Jill Romo, my personal trainer

Myself, my sister Leilani, and my trainer Jill

Jill and I became friends through Operation Boot camp where she was a camper turned instructor. Now she is a certified personal trainer and she trains me! What's cool about Jill is that she doesn't just tell me what workout we are going to do, she does it alongside WITH ME!

For example, for my birthday workout session she took her age 49 and my age 26 and added it together = 75. Why? Because all of the reps we did for our total body workout were based on those numbers:

Round 1 = 75 reps
Round 2 = 49 reps
Round 3 = 26 reps

Round House Kicks to punching bag
Side to side jumps off of Bosu Ball

I <3 my Bosu ball!

FFF Diva Mo balancing on a Bosu ball = CORE WORKOUT!

It was intense, like the circus! (another MO-ism)

It's because of her friendship and her motivation, she keeps me going. She understands what I am feeling because she's been there too. She knows when I am about to give up or start complaining. (Internal thought: maybe I should have given up complaining for Lent. Oh well, next year!)Thanks Jill for always pushing me to the brink of failure during our workouts and always having a smile!

If you are interested about training or how to event start feel free to email her and ask her questions (she told me she would be happy to help):
Jill Romo =

Do YOU have a personal trainer? Are you interested in a personal trainer? Are you a personal trainer? Feel free to post and share!

Committed to health,
FFF Diva Mo

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