Thursday, May 26, 2011

WLB4: Fashion Relay Weekend

"At least 99 percent of running is just showing up, getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other." -John Hanc, The Essential Runner

This weekend was absolutely ridiculous, nay REDONKULOUS! I have a history of SAYING YES to many things, but man this weekend was WORTH IT. For those who don't know already I live in the Bay Area in Northern California. I live and work in San Jose, work a 2nd job in San Francisco, and go to graduate school in Marin. Commute time 2 hours one way. 4 hours round trip. Un-win status. So I went from a 10 hour plus day in San Francisco, back to San Mateo for a nap, then off to Marin the next morning for a Relay for Life Charity event for my college. WORTH IT.


Saturday, April 2, 2011: Give Back Gala Fashion Show in San Francisco

My close college friend and upcoming fashion designer Wilson Kong asked me to be a model for a charity fashion show in San Francisco. It was such an amazing experience. Here I was at the Marriott Hotel in Union Square surrounded by 5'9" at a size 2 models and here I was at 5'3" at a size 14/16. But it didn't matter. It was thrilling. On a 38 ft. catwalk with a sold out room I strutted out to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." What was so neat was that I held up my previous size 26/28 dress only to throw aside to unveil my 14/16 smaller self (and still shrinking).

What was even more touching was the introduction before our walkout:
"Wilson would like to thank all his friends for making today possible. He also thanks Costco for his 1st sewing machine. Lastly pls pay close attn to the last model (holding former size 26 dress) he's happy to support her on weight loss journey." Such an empowering moment. I promise videos and more photos to follow.

Meet the largest dress I have ever owned: Size 26/28 Bridesmaid Dress from 2007

Comparison: Previous Dress Size 26/28 vs. Current Dress Size 14/16. Win status.

With Close College Friend and Upcoming Fashion Designer Wilson Kong

THE DRESS: I wanted a bigger bow on it!

Pulling a Model Pose: Looking Into The Light


Sunday, April 3, 2011: Dominican University of California's 1st Annual Relay for Life at the Marin JCC in San Rafael

The next day I made it to Marin for Dominican University's 1st Relay for life! I dedicated my laps to my Ninong Dalmie (godfather in Tagalog) & Tito Fred (uncle in Tagalog), you'll be missed. I also want to give dedication and thanks to my friend & survivor Cynthia. This was an amazing experience to see students, staff, & alumni come together to help raise money & awareness for cancer. We raised a little over $5,600. I am looking forward to next year! What was even more awesome was that I got to hang out with different Dominican Alumni all day and even hike the Golden Gate Bridge Trail and scale the Golden Gate Bridge (1.5 mile span of the bridge) with a fellow alum. Winning!

Relay For Life 2011

FFF Diva Mo's Signature Purple Running Shoes

FINAL LAP: Cancer survivors, students, alumni, and staff

Fellow Dominican Alumni Team Members (not all pictured though!)



Today I kicked off my Monday morning with a nice steady 3 mile run. According to my 1/2 marathon training schedule it should have been a 5 mile run, but I think more sleep was valuable to me to get through the work day. Haha. Today at work (I work at a law firm) it was my snack day. I brought in a bag of cuties (small oranges) and sugar free vanilla pound cake. I am trying my best to create a healthier eating office environment. Key word: try.

After work: personal training session with Jill. I'll share you that update tomorrow!

What did YOU do this weekend that got you off the couch? Did you go on a stellar hike in the hills? Did you go on a nice jog in the neighborhood? Did you take a walk with your dog at the park? Did you play frisbee with your kids at the beach? Feel free to share and post! Let's share and motivate each other! This is about support!

Dedicated to health,
FFF Diva Mo <3

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