Thursday, May 26, 2011

WLB4: Yum! Feelings!

Again today's blog entry is thanks to my good friend Kramer. He is an amazing source of inspiration. True story for reals.

Today's conversation over G-Chat with the amazing Kramer...

Kramer: Dude. My diet yesterday was of paramount suckery.
Me: It's not like you ate a fried turkey! Or did you?! LOL
Kramer: No, a fried cow!!
Me: You mean, a hamburger?
Kramer: insert his food log entry here which documented the hamburger at lunch
Me: Here's the wrote it down. I had 5 fried mozzarella cheese sticks yesterday and I wrote it down. Will I eat that again today? Heck no! Why did I eat it yesterday? I wrote that down too.
Kramer: You wrote why you ate it yesterday?
Me: When I cheat or eat poorly I always write why, whatever stupid reason it was.
Kramer: Oh! Never thought of that - writing a reason...
Me: So I can keep track of a pattern of my eating of bad things. For example I ate 5 mozzarella and next to the food log entry my reason was: Feeling wompy about boys. In the past I have wrote: Needed to stay awake during drive home. And so on and so forth.
Kramer: LOL @ "Wompy"
Me: Haha, right?! I am all about feelings. A lot of my bad eating is associated to how I am feeling. I like to eat my feelings.
Kramer: Yeah me too. That was one of my burgers yesterday.
Me: I think we have found a topic for today's blog!
Kramer: =)

Bottomline I explained to him: Our food logs keep us accountable. Having someone read and review our food logs keep us accountable. We are forced to see how we ate and if we diverted from healthy eating. Also by keeping track how we feel when we eat it helps us later on, especially if we suffer from emotional eating so we can avoid the situation or the triggers altogether. If we lie in our food logs, we are lying to ourselves, and in the end it would only be YOU who'd be suffering.

Do you keep a food log or exercise journal? Do you battle emotional eating? Do you know what your triggers are for binge eating? I know these sound like heavy questions, but it is something I had to honestly address in my weight loss journey. If you would like more insight on this feel free to either share here or privately email me. I promise I will respond to all of your questions and messages because this is something I still battle today.

I know I slipped up and ate fried cheese sticks yesterday. However, I do not regret it because at that moment I needed it. I am NOT supporting eating poorly or having a cheat meal on an everyday basis, but I am supporting this: once in a while you need a little taste to satisfy your craving. For some it's a small bite of dark chocolate. Think about it: if you don't satisfy your small craving a couple of days later something emotionally big might happen and you end up eating a friend Denny's Sampler appetizer meal all by yourself. THEN where would you be? BACK AT SQUARE ONE. I learned yesterday that I should have reached for something healthier when I was feeling emotionally down. I wrote it down for accountability. Now if this were to happen again next week I will choose either a) carrot sticks b) a run.

Life is all about options and choice, but in order to achieve the quality of life you want to achieve you have to also evaluate your decisions.

Dedicated to health,
FFF Diva Mo

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